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Article: Micrograyling: What is this new permanent makeup technique?

Micrograyling: What is this new permanent makeup technique?

After microshading and microblading , a new technique to enhance eyebrows has just emerged: micrograyling . What is this ? What are the differences with other permanent makeup techniques ? We tell you everything! 

How to do eyebrow makeup ? This is the eternal question! 

Today, we all want to have beautiful eyebrows , thick and nicely shaped, to highlight our eyes . And if eyebrows have been integrated into our makeup routine for several years now, it can sometimes be a little difficult to know how to properly makeup them and where to start! 


Thus, permanent makeup is one of the most popular solutions. It allows you to have ultra-trendy eyebrows , perfectly shaped and thick, and without having to put on makeup every day ! [Jump back to line] Indeed, whether it is microshading, microblading or this new technique called micrograyling, eyebrow makeup benefits from long-lasting wear without requiring daily effort! 


What is micrograyling? 

 Micrograyling (“grayling” which means, in English, “river shadow”) is a brand new permanent eyebrow makeup technique . The latter aims to create the illusion of a real hair where there is none, and therefore to correct eyebrows lacking hair and whose natural line, more complex, would not be completely suitable. microshading or microblading. 

By combining various processes such as shading, 3D effects, gradients and color effects, the technician will work on a basic color shade to which she adds more intense shades in micro-touches in order to bring relief and depth to the glance. 


What are the advantages of adopting micrograyling?

 Are you still hesitant to take the plunge with permanent makeup ? Here are some good reasons to give micrograyling a try ! 


Always be fashionable 

 Micrograyling is undoubtedly THE eyebrow makeup trend of 2022.  

Thus, permanent makeup and especially micrograyling allows you to stay trendy and always have a perfect look! Without forgetting that this eyebrow makeup technique is still very new... Be among the first to adopt it! 


Have fuller eyebrows 

 There is no longer any need to remind you, today, we focus on thick and well-defined eyebrows... which is not always easy to have, especially when you have been plucking your eyebrows for a long time or we naturally have sparse eyebrows . 

Permanent makeup is THE essential solution for giving volume and thickness to your eyebrows , in a more or less natural way. The advantage of micrograyling is that it combines several processes for a natural result and a very realistic “hair” effect . 


Long lasting 

Permanent makeup is known for its long wear. No more makeup every day and beauty touch-ups during the day! 

Thanks to the insertion of pigments into the skin, permanent makeup has the advantage of remaining in place for several weeks . For those who don't have the time or the desire to wear makeup every day, this is the ideal solution! You no longer need to take care of your eyebrows and apply makeup on them daily... A few micrograyling sessions throughout the year will give you a sublimated look and perfect eyebrows in all circumstances! 


Several shades and colors 

Micrograyling is attractive because it is based, in part, on the combination of several colors, tints and shades . Out of the question of having all the same eyebrows! 

This new permanent makeup technique adapts to your eyebrows , their shade and your face. A true specialist in eyebrow makeup , the technician or beautician will know how to use the colors and shades closest to your complexion and hair so that the final result is natural and, of course, perfectly successful! 


Where to practice micrograyling? 

A fairly recent practice, micrograyling cannot be improvised . Indeed, you don't plan to entrust your eyebrows to just anyone, do you? Although more and more stars have already given in to this new trend, it is still a very recent makeup technique and one that is not found everywhere. So, for a result that meets your expectations and is truly impeccable, it is important to choose your service provider carefully . For this, we advise you to contact eyebrow professionals and specialists. L'Atelier du Sourcil offers you, exclusively since March 1, 2022, micrograyling services. 


Thanks to our highly qualified and experienced technicians, you no longer need to draw your eyebrows and apply makeup yourself. Depending on the type and line of your eyebrows, we will be able to offer and advise you on the choice of permanent makeup or any other eyebrow makeup option ! 


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