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Article: Grandmother's Day: how to wear makeup when you're a senior?

Grandmother's Day: how to wear makeup when you're a senior?

On March 6, 2022, we celebrate grandmothers , an opportunity to remember that even after age 60, we can continue to wear makeup and enhance our eyes . How to wear makeup properly when you're a senior? We give you all our advice and tips! 

 Often, after a certain age, we no longer dare to wear makeup. We think we're too old or we're afraid of looking like a pot of paint and being ridiculous... However, there's no age limit for putting on makeup ! 

At 25, 50 or 70 years old, every woman can wear makeup. We will simply opt for a slightly different makeup style depending on age and skin. 


Why wear makeup after 60? 

For some women, wearing makeup allows them to look their best , to feel beautiful and good about themselves. So why stop after a certain age? Of course, as you get older, you have to deal with fine lines and wrinkles , and adapt your makeup... But the latter can be an excellent way to keep a fresh and sparkling complexion, to rejuvenate yourself a little and to blur the imperfections that appear with the years. 


How to wear makeup after 60? 

 The skin, at 20 years old, is not the same as at 60 years old. So, it is important to adapt your makeup to your age and your skin... Otherwise, it's a guaranteed red card, with a look more vulgar than elegant! 

From eyebrow makeup to lipstick, to permanent makeup , almost anything is possible if it's done well! 


Make up your complexion 

 When wrinkles and fine lines start to appear, avoid covering foundation which could make you look older and dull the radiance of your complexion. Choose a fluid, light foundation to even out the complexion without it soaking into wrinkles and making clumps. 


Powder and blush can be used, but sparingly for a natural look and discreet makeup. Also make sure to moisturize your skin regularly using serums and dedicated products, this will restore suppleness and tone! 


Make up your eyes 

 The look can seem complicated to apply makeup after a certain age due to the wrinkles and fine lines that accumulate around the eyes . So, we start by applying a concealer and a corrector to camouflage dark circles and bags under the eyes. Then, to give your eye makeup better hold, you can apply a primer to your eyelids. Concerning eye shadow, we avoid too dark colors which weigh down the eyes. We opt instead for light and natural colors which will brighten and enlarge the eyes! 


You can also lengthen your eyelashes with mascara, and continue to apply kohl. Be careful though, this should be applied to the eyelash line and not to the mucous membrane. Also favor more discreet shades such as brown, plum or gray. 


Finally, eye makeup also involves the eyebrows. If, with age, they are a little less full, you can continue to draw your eyebrows and apply makeup to beautify your eyes! 


Make up your mouth 

 A must-have, lipstick can of course be applied after the age of 60. However, we change our habits a little and favor creamy and moisturizing textures . Also remember to use a pencil on the contour of your lips to prevent lipstick from running between the fine lines around the mouth. In addition, lips tend to thin and lose volume with age . The pencil can allow you to redraw them . 


In terms of color, we avoid shades that are too bright and showy, as well as matte lipstick, and we opt instead for nude lipstick or in shades of pink . 


Applying makeup after 60: permanent makeup 


The older we get, the more hair we lose . Eyelashes and eyebrows can then become more sparse over the years. If, of course, there are makeup techniques and tips to overcome this, permanent makeup allows you to find fuller eyelashes or eyebrows very easily and in the long term ! 


Indeed, it is not uncommon for seniors who do not really know how to apply eyebrow makeup to opt for the permanent makeup solution in order to fill in sparse and too thin eyebrows , or for eyelash extensions in order to give them a little intensity. As mentioned previously, we opt instead for makeup or a natural and discreet pose, in order to enlarge and illuminate the eyes without weighing it down. And voila ! 

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