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Article: Innovation and creativity day: focus on graphic eyeliner

Innovation and creativity day: focus on graphic eyeliner

For several years now, the United Nations has actively participated in World Innovation and Creativity Day . This day is celebrated on April 21 and aims to promote scientific discoveries, but also art in all its forms. Graphic eyeliner could undoubtedly be in the spotlight during this day, as this new make-up enhances the look with originality and creativity. 

Graphic eyeliner: the new make-up to highlight your eyes 

Eye liner is a pencil line that follows and enhances the curves of your eyelids in order to highlight your look and make it more intense. But, what is the exact concept of graphic eyeliner and how to apply eye makeup? 

Graphic eyeliner: what is it? 

The fashion for eyeliner appeared in the 60s and is making a comeback in 2022 , where the importance of highlighting your eyes has become essential. Rather reserved for evening or party makeup, graphic eyeliner wonderfully combines black or colored lines, elaborate curves, geometric shapes and original and creative patterns of all kinds. 


This ultramodern make-up has already been adopted by the biggest couturiers like Dior, Chanel and Givenchy , who use it without moderation in their fashion shows this year. Even the biggest stars like Rihanna or Lily-Rose Depp have chosen it to enhance their eyes in an innovative and original way. 

The best graphic eyeliner ideas of the moment 

The advantage of graphic eyeliner is that it can be available in many variations . Monochrome or colorful, the modern and complex techniques of graphic eyeliner leave plenty of room for your creativity. 


  1. Double eyeliner: This is a fairly easy technique to do . Simply draw a first line of classic eyeliner, then a second above, leaving a space between the two lines. You can trace it in the same color as the first or choose another shade depending on the color of your eyes and your outfit. It is also possible to add patterns (black or colored dots or other symbols).  


  1. Reverse eyeliner: This technique consists of making a line of eyeliner on the lower eyelid . This offset effect is very trendy at the moment and suits almost all eyelid types.  


  1. Sketches and geometric shapes : Your creativity is only limited by your imagination! Indeed, many patterns and geometric shapes can be used to enhance your eyes with just a few strokes, which can sometimes encompass both the upper and lower eyelids.  

Tips: how to enhance your look? 

Highlighting your eyes also involves harmonizing the rest of the parts of your face, particularly those closest to your eyes such as eyebrows and eyelashes. 


Taking care of your eyebrows 

Eyebrows are essential elements of our look and the appearance of our face. If poorly maintained, they can easily make you look tired and not at your best. This is why it is essential to take care of it. Two steps are essential to restructure and enhance your eyes : waxing and makeup of your eyebrows . 


Indeed, properly performed eyebrow waxing will allow you to restructure your eyes and refine the natural lines of your eyebrows. If you do not feel comfortable enough to pluck your eyebrows yourself, do not hesitate to go to a specialized institute , because it is important that the plucking of your eyebrows is done correctly. 


Then, once your eyebrows are plucked, it is important to apply makeup to highlight them. Several techniques exist, but most aim to lengthen your eyebrow and rework its shape using a specific pencil. Some techniques also favor the use of a lighter base to put under the eyebrow to highlight it even more. 


Sublime eyelash effect to enlarge your eyes 

A second element of your face to take particular care of is your eyelashes. In fact, they surround your eyes. It is therefore essential to sublimate them and highlight them. Eyelash curler, mascara (black or colored) ... you are spoiled for choice! 


On the other hand, eyelash enhancement is also an effective technique that allows you to enhance your eyelashes permanently . It is an effective alternative to classic eyelash extensions. Eyelash enhancement is carried out using patches and fixing products which must remain on for around ten minutes, then removed. The effect is sublime and gives you a guaranteed doe-eye effect. It can also be combined with permanent eye makeup to help you look beautiful and sublime in all circumstances . 

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