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Article: Can you remove permanent makeup?

Can you remove permanent makeup?

Do you want to regain your natural face or correct poorly done permanent makeup? Don't panic, it's possible! Find out everything you need to know about the different ways to remove your permanent makeup, so you can make the right choice in your situation.  

If, as its name suggests, permanent makeup aims to last and offer you perfect makeup that does not move for a long time, it is not irreversible. Some solutions exist if you want to remove your permanent makeup. 

When to remove your permanent makeup?  

There are several situations that may lead you to consider removing your permanent makeup . 

Want to find a natural face  

The lines of your permanent makeup can give an overly made-up effect, which may lack naturalness and may no longer be in keeping with your age or your current style. 

Poorly done permanent makeup  

Sometimes it happens that the outline of your permanent makeup does not suit you. Poorly drawn lines or a pigmentation error are all reasons why a corrective touch-up may be necessary. 

Wanting to adopt a new trend  

Over the years, we may change our appearance or adopt a new look. In this scenario, it may be important to consider removing your permanent makeup which may no longer suit your new style. 

What are the different techniques for removing permanent makeup?  

Various processes exist for removing permanent makeup. Here are the main ones. 

Leave time to time  

You should know that permanent makeup is not forever. This is a dermopigmentation that is inserted into the superficial areas of the epidermis. The latter is therefore naturally eliminated by the body over a few years. This method has the advantage of being 100% natural. The downside is that its process is long and takes several years for a complete result. 

Saline sanding of the skin  

This is mechanical sanding, often carried out with salt. It acts as a sanding on the surface of the skin, to reduce the effect of pigmentation. However, the major problem with this technique is that the pigments of permanent makeup are generally lodged deeper in the epidermis, which therefore makes this process less effective. 

Repigmentation of the dermis  

This technique is used to correct a poorly made outline. She does not erase the defective line, but tries as skillfully as possible to correct the entire makeup by using darker shades and creating different volumes in order to re-harmonize everything. 

Chemical depigmentation  

This technique is composed of lactic acid. It consists of applying chemicals over several sessions which will dissolve the color of the pigments present in your epidermis. 

Laser tattoo removal  

This is the most used solution and certainly the most effective. Laser radiation will be carried out in a targeted manner on your permanent makeup or eyebrow tattoo . This process should be scheduled over 3 to 4 sessions. Then, after a few weeks, you will see your pigments gradually disappear. 

Does removing permanent makeup cause side effects?  

Removing permanent makeup with chemical or laser procedures can cause side effects: 

  • Aggression of the skin (redness, itching): these are the most common side effects, whatever technique you choose.  
  • Blisters and burning sensations: These are common side effects when using laser tattoo removal.  
  • Scars and marks: These side effects are common when you use chemical procedures to remove your permanent makeup, because they are very harsh on your skin and penetrate deep to dissolve the pigments.  

The importance of choosing the right beautician to achieve successful permanent makeup  

Permanent makeup is not a trivial act of beauty. Even if it is not irreversible, if poorly done, it can be a source of trouble and inconvenience. This is why it is important to choose your beautician and the beauty salon in which you will carry out your permanent makeup. 

Strict compliance with health rules  

A good beauty salon must scrupulously respect basic health rules. This is even more important in the case of permanent eye or mouth makeup, because microneedles are used and penetrate your skin to deposit pigment. All equipment must therefore be extremely clean and disinfected each time it is used. 

Mastered know-how  

Permanent makeup is a technique that requires precise skills and significant professional know-how. The staff must have been specially trained in this technique and have sufficient experience to guarantee you a perfect result. 

Valuable advice  

Going to an institute and letting yourself be guided by an expert will allow you to glean valuable makeup and beauty tips to always be one step ahead of the current trend. 

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