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Article: Beauty marks, freckles... these physical features that are becoming trendy!

Beauty marks, freckles... these physical features that are becoming trendy!

Models and stars innovate by highlighting these small physical characteristics that make all the difference. But, how to create a fake mole or beautiful freckles for a 100% natural effect? Quickly find out everything you need to know on the subject.  

While some people try to hide their freckles or moles at all costs, this is not the case for everyone. Indeed, the fake mole trend has become fashionable in recent years, notably thanks to permanent makeup . 

Why are freckles or moles becoming trendy?  

Since the beginning of the 2010s, the trend has been natural. There is no longer any question of dissembling and hiding one's true nature. On the contrary, it must now be highlighted. This is why, quite naturally, moles and freckles are now seen as beauty assets and no longer as complexes to hide. 

Moreover, this trend is not new. Already in Antiquity, women in Egypt drew beauty spots for added sensuality. It was a guarantee of beauty and a subtle and refined tool of seduction. 

Does the position of moles have a special meaning?  

According to certain medicinal sciences, the natural location of our moles is not a coincidence and reveals important traits of our personality: 

  • The mole near the lips: a sign of gluttony and sweetness, this type of mole is also related to sensuality and the taste for beautiful things (travel, gourmet dishes, jewelry, etc.).  
  • The mole on the cheekbones: this mole is synonymous with sociability and ease of communicating with others.  
  • The mole on the chin: this location reflects a lively and observant mind.  
  • The mole on the nose: this mole is the sign of rare creativity and surprising intelligence.  

When creating your mole, it may be interesting to draw inspiration from these symbols to properly position your mole according to your personality! 

How to create a mole or beautiful freckles to enhance your complexion?  

Here are some tips to best achieve your mole or freckles for a guaranteed natural result. 

Makeup tips  

Makeup can be a good solution to create a mole or freckles that you can remove at any time. The only drawback is that you will have to redo your makeup every day. 

Make-up tutorial for creating your own beauty mark  

Here are the steps to follow to draw a perfect mole: 

  1. Even out your complexion without loading it with your usual foundation. Consider using a foundation that matches your skin tone.  
  2. Use a specific mole pencil or a brown eyebrow pencil . Little tip, the lead must be perfectly cut to allow you maximum precision. The point should not be too thick, so that the result remains natural.  
  3. Blend your “mole” with a foundation blender sponge by lightly tapping the made-up area.  

Tips for achieving sublime freckles  

Here are tips for having beautiful freckles: 

  • Use makeup: You can create your own freckles just with makeup. To do this, first even out your complexion with your foundation, then choose 3 brown eyebrow pencils in different, gradient shades. Apply them to the areas where you want your freckles to appear and that's it!  
  • Self-tanning: this is a quick and effective alternative, the effectiveness of which can last several days. To do this, simply apply self-tanner to your face, then on the areas where you want to have freckles, carefully apply a little more self-tanner with a brush. After half an hour, you will see freckles appear .  
  • Henna: this powder, widely used in North Africa for temporary tattoos during wedding celebrations, can also be used to draw freckles on your cheekbones. But be careful, do a test on part of your body to make sure you are not allergic.  

The permanent makeup solution  

If you are confident and want to keep a mole or freckles for a long time, you can opt for permanent makeup. This technique, also used for dermopigmentation of eyebrows or lips, will give you the opportunity to keep your makeup intact for several years without having to wear makeup every day. 

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