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Article: How to sort and recycle your beauty products?

How to sort and recycle your beauty products?

The sorting of our food products is starting to be more and more integrated by everyone. But, what about the cosmetic products in our bathroom?  

Sorting, recycling, it is also possible to reduce waste and recycle a large part of the packaging of the beauty products you consume. Learn everything you need to know about recycling and sorting your cosmetics for better management of your makeup products . 

What method should you adopt to sort your cosmetic products?  

Here are several tips to learn how to sort through your beauty products. 

Pay attention to expiration dates  

Eyebrow and eye makeup products , foundations and even lipsticks, like food products, have an expiration date. This corresponds to the duration after which the product could lose its effectiveness or become harmful to health. This expiry date is often indicated by an open pot of cream or an hourglass which indicates the period of validity after opening the product. This duration is generally specified in number of months (6 M, 12 M, 24 M, etc.). 

It is important to respect these deadlines which ensure better effectiveness of the product's active agents and a guarantee of the non-dangerousness of the substances contained in each cosmetic. This is why it is necessary to sort these products regularly by throwing away expired products. In addition, this will allow you to make space in your cupboards for the products you use regularly. 

Identify your current needs  

Overconsumption of cosmetic products is not good for the planet, but it is not good for your wallet either. Carefully identify your needs and only purchase products that truly meet your expectations. If you have found a good product that you took a while to find, there is no point in buying others that you will not necessarily use. 

However, remember to adapt your cosmetic products to your various current problems (overly oily hair, dandruff, dry skin, etc.). Indeed, it is better to vary your products according to your needs and not to overconsume by testing beauty products randomly. 

Recycling your beauty products: how to proceed?  

Today, many cosmetic product packaging is recyclable. 

What to do with expired cosmetic products?  

When your products have exceeded their useful life, it is best to throw them away. Depending on their packaging (plastic, glass, aluminum), you will be able to sort them in order to recycle them and thus reduce the number of your waste. For example, glass jars or bottles must be thrown into a glass sorting bin, often green in color. While cardboard or plastic packaging must be thrown into the yellow containers, reserved for cardboard plastic packaging. Aluminum products such as deodorant can also be thrown into this type of container, in order to be recycled as best as possible. 

To easily find places where you can find containers suitable for your waste, do not hesitate to consult the website or the CITEO application. 

Give a second life to your beauty products that can still be used  

When it comes to cosmetic products that you don't use and that haven't yet passed their expiration date, be smart and give them away. Solidarity associations such as Emmaüs, the Red Cross or Secours Populaire collect unused cosmetics to give them to the most deprived people. 

In case you have already opened and used the product, you can reuse it for other purposes. For example, a facial cream that is too rich for your skin can be used as a nourishing cream for your hands or body. A solid soap, the scent of which you do not particularly like, can, for example, be used to wash your makeup brushes. 

The advantages of favoring 2-in-1 products  

2-in-1 products have the advantage of being more ecological, because instead of producing two separate packages for two different cosmetic products, only one package will be produced. This formula is also more economical. Generally, these are cosmetic products offering several uses. This can be a shampoo that also serves as a conditioner or detangler. 

More and more makeup products now exist in “2 in 1”, like our eyebrow pencil , equipped with two tips: the pencil on one side and a brush on the other. Ideal for saving space in your makeup bag too! Along the same lines, our duo mascara combines the Revitalash Cils Volumizing Mascara and a Volumizing Base. Perfect for those who don't want to take on the hassle and who prefer to buy smart! 

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