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Article: White eyebrow: why and what to do?

White eyebrow: why and what to do?

White eyebrows can appear with age or due to a hormonal or dietary imbalance. However, they can easily be hidden with a few make-up tips.  

What should you do if you're not very comfortable with your new graying eyebrows? There are tips to camouflage them as best as possible and reshape your brow bones for a sublimated look in all circumstances. 

Why do white hairs appear on our eyebrows? [

White eyebrows can appear with age more or less early depending on certain genetic factors and your lifestyle in general. 

A decreasing melanin level

With age or during stressful episodes, our melanin levels can drop. Melanin is a natural pigment that colors our skin as well as our hair and eyebrows. Therefore, when its quantity decreases in our body, pigmentation becomes less significant, or even disappears. This is why, especially as we age, our hair turns white. For eyebrows, it's the same principle. A decrease in melanin levels can cause the color of your eyebrows to vary, gradually whitening them. 

A hormonal imbalance  

Due to stress or hormonal illness, certain hormones can become dominant and disrupt the normal balance of our body. For example, excess estrogen may be causing your eyebrows to turn white. 

Poor lifestyle  

Stress and a poor diet can also contribute to graying of your eyebrows. So be vigilant and take care of your health every day. 


Tips to slow down the growth of white eyebrows  

Fortunately, there are tips that can help you slow down the growth of white hairs on your eyebrows. 

Improve your diet  

To boost your melanin level, you can slightly modify your eating habits by adding foods with antioxidant properties to your daily diet such as green vegetables, dark chocolate or fish rich in omega 3. Foods containing beta-carotene such as carrots or sweet potatoes are also rich in vitamin A and help increase the amount of melanin in your body. 

Avoid stress  

Repeated stress and anxiety can increase the phenomenon of whitening of your hair fibers (hair and eyebrows). So avoid stressful situations as much as possible and take time for yourself. Eat a balanced diet and do a minimum of physical activity to best preserve your health. 

How to hide your white eyebrows?  

Here are some tips for skillfully hiding the white hairs on your eyebrows. 

Makeup tips  

You can pull out your white hairs if they are few and far between. But we must not abuse this radical technique, to say the least. Opt for eyebrow mascara or tinted gel which will also make it easier for you to redraw the line of your eyebrows. Here are the steps to follow for a perfect make-up: 

  1. Pluck your eyebrows while trying to follow the famous three-point rule.  
  2. Make sure your eyebrows are clean.  
  3. Apply gel or tinted mascara to your eyebrows.  
  4. Spread it delicately and enjoy sublimated eyebrows for an intense look on all occasions.  

Eyebrow coloring  

If you want to opt for a more lasting solution, you can choose eyebrow tinting . This alternative will allow you to have colored eyebrows for 2 to 4 weeks without having to use your makeup bag. On the other hand, it is important to choose your shade carefully. Generally, experts recommend opting for the same color as your hair, or even a shade lighter. The first times, it is better to carry out this technique in a beauty salon, in order to obtain valuable professional advice. 

Permanent makeup  

Permanent makeup is a dermopigmentation technique, which must be carried out in a beauty salon. Permanent makeup must be carried out by a professional, so that hygienic conditions are completely respected. Even though this technique will not color your white eyebrows, this method can still allow you to reshape your eyebrow lines and thicken them for a less sparse and denser look. This will have the effect of hiding your white eyebrows more easily, especially if they are not too numerous. Microblading is one of the most used permanent makeup techniques. Done well, this method can allow you to have fuller eyebrows for several years without having to carry out makeup touch-ups every morning. 

What if you adopted your white eyebrows?  

When gray hairs or hairs start to appear, you can also choose to let them grow out and adopt a natural graying tone. The downside with this option is that the transition across your entire hairline or brows may take some time before it is completely even. 

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