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Article: What is the best eyebrow hair removal?

What is the best eyebrow hair removal?

Thread, tweezers, wax, discover the advantages of each method and choose the one that suits you best based on your eyebrows and the result you want to achieve.  

Having beautiful, well-plucked eyebrows will enhance your look and harmonize your facial features. But which hair removal technique should you choose? Whether you want to pluck your eyebrows yourself and plan to go to an eyebrow bar, you will have the choice between several eyebrow hair removal methods . 

What are the different ways to pluck your eyebrows for a sublimated look?  

The main techniques used for well-plucked eyebrows remain wax, tweezers and thread . We should avoid at all costs the razor which can leave unsightly marks by making your eyebrows asymmetrical. 


Tweezing is one of the most widespread and used techniques . It allows great precision and total control of eyebrow restructuring . Hair removal is done hair by hair for millimeter-precise results. This technique is quite easy to master and allows you to easily maintain your eyebrows when they are already well plucked or sparse by nature. 


  • Little painful technique  
  • Simple to maintain  
  • With experience you can do it yourself  

Hot or cold wax  

Wax is often used in institutes . It allows you to remove your eyebrows more quickly, especially the first few times. It offers a clean result with particularly careful finishes. The principle of wax is simple. The wax is applied to the areas to be depilated. Leave it on for a few seconds, then tear off the wax in the opposite direction of the hair. The hair bulb is torn out, which allows your hair to grow back more slowly . The downside of this technique is that it still remains aggressive for your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. Remember to moisturize the depilated areas of your face so that your epidermis can regenerate more quickly. 


  • Hair takes several weeks to grow back  
  • A clear and clean result  
  • Quick technique  


This ancestral technique is coming back more and more into fashion . Usually carried out in institutes, it allows almost painless hair removal . However, it requires specific know-how and experience . This is why you will have difficulty using this technique alone. Beauticians who use threading generally use cotton threads that they wind and slide to pull out the hair. 


  • Less painful technique than the previous ones  
  • Precise method  
  • Does not cause allergies and does not damage your skin  

A combination of several techniques  

In an institute, it is rare for a beautician to use only one method. Generally, thread or wax is used to remove most of the excess hair from your eyebrows and the finishing touches are often done with tweezers for perfectly reshaped eyebrows and a guaranteed intense look. 

Why is it better to go to a beauty salon to wax your eyebrows?  

Unless you have a lot of knowledge and experience in the subject, it is always advisable to go to an salon to wax your eyebrows . Indeed, one poorly done gesture and the harmony of your face can quickly be completely disrupted, for several weeks, while your hair grows back. 


Treat yourself to this moment of beauty at least for the first time  

Even if having your eyebrows waxed has a cost, it is better to treat yourself to this moment of well-being for the first few times. Thus, you can count on a perfectly well-created eyebrow line according to the shape of your eyes and that of your face. You will also be able to gather valuable advice from an expert and then follow them to the letter in your bathroom. Indeed, once your eyebrow line is well defined, it may be easier to maintain it yourself . 

Don't waste your time unnecessarily  

Removing hair can take time , especially when you are not used to performing this type of beauty treatment. If you don't have time, it's better to delegate this task to a professional who will pluck your eyebrows in less than 5 minutes for an impeccable result. 

The guarantee of sublimated eyebrows  

Going to an institute means having the guarantee of having, in the end, well-defined eyebrows for a perfect look . The beautician who will take care of you will take the time to advise you on the eyebrow shape to adopt, depending on the shape of your face and your eyelid. In addition, this beauty expert can also advise you on the make-up to favor to make you look your best every day. 

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