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Article: How to choose the right eyebrow pencil?

How to choose the right eyebrow pencil?

Taking care of your eyebrow line is an essential step in achieving modern and luminous makeup. But how to choose the right eyebrow pencil? Discover the latest beauty tips to find the perfect eyebrow pencil.  

Eyebrows emphasize the shape of our eyes and intensify our gaze . Redesigned eyebrows will add pep to your makeup for fresh eyebrow makeup for all occasions. There are a multitude of eyebrow pencils to enhance this area of ​​your face. This is why it is essential to make the right choice, in order to have the guarantee that your line is precise and that it lasts over time. In fact, an eyebrow pencil of poor quality or one that is unsuitable for your natural hair color could alter the harmony of your face and further mark the small flaws that you would like to hide.


Opt for the right shade of your eyebrow pencil  

Choosing the right shade of your eyebrow pencil is a key step in choosing your beauty accessory. This will allow your eyebrows to be really highlighted, with a 100% natural effect. 

Adapt to your skin tone  

Depending on your skin tone, you will need to adapt the color of your pencil . For very fair skin, favor taupe tones and avoid shades that are too dark, otherwise they risk looking unnatural. For people with dark complexions, shades that match the natural color of your hair should be selected first for a more authentic and luminous effect. 

Depending on the natural color of your hair  

The shade of your eyebrow pencil must of course be as close as possible to your natural hair color , however, a few tips can allow you to enhance the line of your eyebrows according to the color of your hair: 

  • For blondes: it is generally recommended to favor shades slightly darker than your natural color to highlight your eyebrows more. For blondes with very light shades, choose taupe or a lighter shade so as not to create too striking a contrast.  
  • For brunettes: it is recommended to choose a dark shade, ideally as close as possible to your natural eyebrow color.  
  • For redheads: almond, taupe or light brown colors will go wonderfully to enhance the eyebrows of redheaded women.  


Which texture of eyebrow pencil should you prefer?  

It is possible to find different textures of eyebrow pencils in makeup stores . Some pencils will be oilier than others and therefore more or less easy to apply. 

For everyday use, it is preferable to opt for an eyebrow pencil that will have a mixed texture . The best thing is to try it to judge the result for yourself. Indeed, an eyebrow pencil that is too bold will tend to mark your line a little too much and give a less natural final appearance. 

On the contrary, an eyebrow pencil with too light a texture will put you in difficulty, because you will have difficulty drawing your line correctly. The middle path is therefore essential, if you want to be able to benefit from using your eyebrow pencil more precisely and more pleasantly . 


Which eyebrow pencil should you choose when you're starting out with makeup?  

There are several criteria to take into account when buying an eyebrow pencil for the first time. 

Its capacity  

Even if the size of an eyebrow pencil is more or less standard, avoid pencils that are too small, which will force you to renew your stocks too often. 

Is it waterproof?  

To avoid unpleasant surprises and benefit from better hold of your makeup, choose waterproof eyebrow pencils that resist sweat and tears. You will thus have a better chance of keeping your make-up intact throughout the day for an intense look in all circumstances. 

A precise tip  

When you start using an eyebrow pencil , the ideal is to acquire an accessory that works well and allows you to create clean and precise lines easily. Therefore, choose a pencil with a precise tip. Thanks to regular trimming, you will be able to draw a fine line which will allow you to create a more natural effect. 

Combined accessories  

Some cosmetic products, like our eyebrow pencil , are combined with other beauty accessories like a small brush to tame your eyebrow hairs . This alternative is interesting because it allows you to benefit from two beauty accessories in one . 

Finally, also remember to favor quality for your eyebrow pencil, in order to be guaranteed to have sublimated eyebrows every day. 

For eyebrows that are always in perfect health , also consider using our Revitabrow treatment to take care of your eyebrows. 

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