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Article: Which eyelash extensions should you choose according to the shape of your eyes?

Which eyelash extensions should you choose according to the shape of your eyes?

Do you want to try eyelash extensions for a sublime look and skillfully highlighted eyes without makeup? Quickly discover how to highlight your eyes with a personalized eyelash extension choice.  

Giving more intensity and depth to your look with eyelash extensions is tempting. But, what type of pose should you adopt? This will depend above all on the shape and size of your eyes, as well as the desired final result. 

Eyelash extensions to enhance your look  

Eyelash extensions consist of applying synthetic or natural eyelashes to your own eyelashes using tweezers and a specific glue. Around a hundred eyelash extensions can be applied to thicken the natural fringe of your eyelashes and intensify your look. 

It is possible to adjust the length, curvature and thickness of the extension for a result that fully meets your expectations. 

There are mainly two types of eyelash extensions: 

  • Lash to lash: this is the most used technique. It offers a more natural effect by subtly filling your lashes by adding only one eyelash extension for each of your natural lashes.  
  • Russian volume: Russian volume eyelash extensions offer much greater volume with an average of 3 extensions for a natural eyelash. This number can even go up to 6, depending on the desired volume. This technique is mostly used by women who are used to wearing makeup and sporting a sophisticated look. It actually gives a more elaborate look with a more pronounced makeup effect.  

This technique must be carried out exclusively in an institute by a professional beautician, because it involves very specific equipment. In addition, this technique requires particular know-how and a certain dexterity for a truly satisfactory result. 

Choose your eyelash extension technique carefully based on the size of your eyes  

Depending on the size of your eyes , different strategies may be more or less interesting to adopt to highlight your eyes: 

  • For small eyes: If you have small eyes, go natural so as not to risk hiding the natural beauty of your eyes. It is preferable to opt for extensions of the same size as your natural eyelashes, in order to flesh out your eyes without hiding them under your extensions.  
  • For big eyes: if you have big eyes, you can dare to wear thick, voluminous bangs. This will accentuate the shape of your eye and highlight it for a sublime look on all occasions.  



Which eyelash extension should you choose to highlight the natural shape of your eyes?  

The shape of your eye is a determining factor in choosing the right eyelash extensions. This is why, as a general rule, the beautician will take the time to determine the shape of your eyes and the expectations you have regarding the desired final result. Depending on these two main parameters, the eye care professional, who will take care of the installation of your eyelash extensions, will offer you the most suitable extension. 

Almond shaped eyes  

If you have almond-shaped eyes with a rather elongated rounded shape , all types of eyelash extensions can suit you. However, opting for natural eyelash extensions with this eye shape is often recommended. The best thing is to maintain your natural eyelash length and choose slightly beveled extensions for a full look, but which remains light without overdoing it. 

Slanted eyes  

Naturally, people with slanted eyes tend to have straight, short natural eyelashes . Depending on the size of your eyes, you can pretty much get away with anything. Baby doll type extensions with a thick base and a thinner finish at the ends can be perfectly suited to slanted eyes. This will give you the opportunity to enlarge your eyes for a guaranteed glamorous effect.


The drooping eyelid effect  

If you have drooping eyelids and want to revive your eyes. Consider playing with the differences in the length of your extensions , favoring long eyelash extensions in the middle of the eye and gradually shortening them on the outer corners. This technique will rebalance the drooping eyelid effect by enhancing your look . 

Round eyes  

If you have round eyes, you will need to choose a form of eyelash extension that will break up the roundness of your eyes for an elongated effect that will give you a more intense look. Beveled or baby doll type extensions can be ideal for round eyes, to give the illusion of an almond-shaped eye. 

To widen your eyes without using eyelash extensions, you can also opt for eyelash enhancement ! 

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