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Article: 5 good reasons to switch to permanent makeup

5 good reasons to switch to permanent makeup

Very popular for several years, permanent makeup offers many advantages. If you are still hesitant to take the plunge, discover 5 good reasons to switch to permanent makeup!

Putting on makeup every morning takes time and the staying power of your makeup can sometimes leave something to be desired. So why not switch to permanent makeup ? This dermopigmentation technique is commonly used today to enhance the look, give the illusion of fuller eyebrows or to enhance the volume of your lips. 

Enhance your natural assets  

Since permanent makeup is carried out exclusively in a beauty institute, the eye care professional who will take care of you will take the time to advise you on the type of permanent makeup to favor according to your face and your expectations. 

Indeed, there are several permanent makeup techniques depending on the result you want to obtain. For example, to reshape your eyebrows, for a natural effect, we will favor microblading, whereas if we want to obtain a more made-up and sophisticated effect, microshading will then be more recommended. 

On the other hand, your beautician will begin by determining the areas to be “made up”. Depending on the shape of your face, this may be a line of eyeliner along the eyelashes, a restructuring of the lines of your eyebrows, or careful and subtle work on the curves of your lips, with the aim of finding a harmonious face . 

Permanent makeup really aims to enhance your natural assets in order to highlight them and preserve your self-confidence on all occasions. 

Be beautiful and made up in all circumstances  

With traditional makeup, over time, your makeup will tend to fade and disappear or leave unsightly marks on your face. With permanent makeup, you will no longer have this problem. Enjoy flawless makeup all day long without spending hours in your bathroom. 

Also benefit from all the beauty of tailor-made makeup in all circumstances. In fact, if you practice sports like swimming, you no longer need to put on makeup when you get out of the pool. Your makeup will remain intact whatever sporting activity you practice. 

Moreover, even in summer at the beach, your make-up will not fear the sand or the salt water of the sea. On the other hand, sunscreen will be essential to avoid sensitizing your skin. 

Finally, with permanent makeup, look made-up, even when you wake up, to be truly sublime at any time of the day! 

Avoiding Allergies  

Some people can develop allergies from applying cosmetics such as eye shadow, eyeliner or eyebrow pencil to their skin . Rubbing cotton on the skin and successively removing makeup can also damage your skin in the long term. 

This is why, in certain cases, permanent makeup can be an interesting alternative, because dermopigments generate another type of allergen that can sometimes be better tolerated by people allergic to cosmetics. Indeed, allergic reactions to beauty products can be annoying. Eyes that cry, eyes that become red and watery... Which is not very practical on a daily basis. 

Permanent makeup can therefore prove to be a durable, even economical solution in the long term. Indeed, once the touch-ups have been successfully completed, permanent makeup does not need any special maintenance and guarantees you a perfect result on a daily basis , as well as on special occasions. 

Simplify your daily life  

Permanent makeup will save you enormous time on a daily basis. No more spending hours in front of your mirror perfecting your make-up! With permanent makeup, use your wasted hours on more important tasks and save precious time , especially in the morning. 

On the other hand, if you have difficulty applying makeup (muscle fatigue, disability, etc.), permanent makeup can be a very practical way to stay beautiful in all circumstances . 

Permanent makeup can also be an interesting solution for people suffering from certain pathologies causing alopecia . This allows you to reshape the brow bone in particular to find thicker eyebrows , in order to skillfully highlight your eyes. 


Permanent makeup is not permanent  

Contrary to popular belief, permanent makeup is not a tattoo . Its pigments are only introduced into the outermost layers of your epidermis. Thus, permanent makeup only remains visible for a few months, with touch-ups required regularly. It is therefore possible to correct permanent makeup that no longer suits you, or to make it disappear completely. The result obtained is therefore in no way definitive and can be corrected if you are not satisfied or if you want to change your style. 

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