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Article: Plucking your eyebrows alone: ​​good or bad idea?

Plucking your eyebrows alone: ​​good or bad idea?

Discover all the hair removal techniques that you can do alone (tweezers, wax, threading). Even if for a successful result, going to an institute is often preferable. 

Although the trend today is towards thick, natural eyebrows , waxing allows you to enhance the line of your eyebrows to intensify your look. Currently, it is no longer a question of over-plucking your eyebrows, but of highlighting their natural curvatures. For this, various techniques exist and are commonly used in beauty salons. Hair removal with tweezers, wax or thread , discover the characteristics of these different techniques that can be done alone. 

The different eyebrow hair removal techniques for waxing alone  

The main hair removal techniques remain tweezers, wax and thread. It is entirely possible to remove hair alone. However, whatever the technique used, the first attempts can be difficult, but with experience and practice, you should be able to achieve a result that meets your expectations. However, if you feel lost, do not hesitate to call on a professional beautician in an institute, who will be able to advise you on the best practice to follow. 

Tweezers: the basis of eyebrow hair removal  

Tweezers are certainly the most common technique. Easy to carry out, it allows you to carry out very precise hair removal of your eyebrows . Here are the steps to follow for successful tweezing: 

  1. Disinfect your tweezers  
  2. Brush your eyebrows with a small brush (or brush)  
  3. Redraw your eyebrows using the 3 point marker, which will allow you to define the ideal shape that your eyebrows should have. These landmarks are determined by the outer bridge of your nose and certain key points of your eye.  
  4. Once you have identified the areas to be waxed , take your tweezers and pull out hair follicles located in these areas hair by hair .  

This technique is quite simple to perform. However, take a step back from your hair removal regularly, so as not to over-hair one area compared to the other. If, despite your efforts, you have made a few mistakes, don't panic, the hairs on your eyebrows will grow back and you will be able to camouflage these small imperfections with your eyebrow makeup . 

Hot or cold wax for clean and effective hair removal  

Waxing is also a technique widely used in institutes, because it allows hair to be removed quickly and cleanly, leaving the skin completely smooth . When you wax yourself, you have the choice between hot or cold wax . 

Generally, cold wax is used in the form of strips , which simply need to be warmed with your hands . You must then position it on the areas to be waxed and peel it off with a sharp stroke towards the center of the face. 

As for hot wax , it often comes in the form of a pen. Simply heat it in lukewarm water and apply the wax to the area to be waxed . Leave for ten seconds and remove the strip. 

Whether with cold or hot wax, it is often necessary to fine-tune your hair removal using tweezers for finishing touches. Also don't forget to wax the area between your two eyebrows, which lends itself perfectly to waxing. Also remember to moisturize your skin well after hair removal. 

Threading hair removal: an increasingly popular alternative  

This technique from the East tends to develop more and more in institutes currently. Very respectful of the skin and very economical, threading hair removal simply requires a certain dexterity to acquire. 

To be able to perform this technique, you will need a fairly sturdy sewing thread, which measures approximately the length of your forearm. Tie a knot, then place two fingers from each of your hands in the circle of your thread. Turn one of your hands at least 7 times. This will form two triangles and will look more or less like an hourglass turned horizontal. Then, to effectively remove your hairs, open your fingers on one side and close them on the other. The twisted wires will capture your hair for clean and effective hair removal . 


Why is waxing your eyebrows in a salon often preferable?  

Although waxing alone is a possible alternative, it is strongly recommended, at least the first few times, to go to an institute. 

In addition, the cost of eyebrow waxing is not very high and the service is quite short. It is therefore really worth it to trust a professional beautician who will guarantee you an impeccable result . 

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