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Article: I no longer have eyebrows, what should I do?

I no longer have eyebrows, what should I do?

Total or partial alopecia can be very difficult to live with. Fortunately, solutions exist to remedy this and regain fuller eyebrows. 

The fashion is currently for full and thick eyebrows . But, when you have sparse or very thin eyebrows, it can be complicated and a source of complexity. But, don't panic, solutions are possible to help you have thicker eyebrows to be on top of the current trend. 

Why can you lose your eyebrows?  

Partial or total loss of eyebrows can have various causes: 

  • Intensive plucking of your eyebrows can in the long term reduce the growth of your hair follicles and make your eyebrows less thick.  
  • A dietary deficiency can also be the cause of thinning eyebrows, especially iron and vitamin B deficiencies.  
  • Illnesses causing hormonal imbalance or cancers can also significantly reduce the hairiness of your eyebrows.  

What to do to have fuller eyebrows?  

Whatever solution you choose, patience will always be required to find thicker eyebrows . Indeed, eyebrow hairs take time to grow back and results are rarely visible for at least 4 to 8 weeks. 

Leave the tweezers aside  

Above all, if you want to see your eyebrows thicken, temporarily abandon your tweezers and let your hairs grow back . Once you have managed to obtain sufficient mass, you can gradually start refining your eyebrows, but remaining careful to only pluck the areas that will allow you to restructure your look . 

Taking care of your eyebrows  

Eyebrows, like all areas of our body, need care. Exfoliate your eyebrows regularly by scrubbing. This will remove dead skin and stimulate blood circulation, making it easier for your eyebrows to grow . You can even massage your brow bones with vegetable oil, such as castor or coconut oil. 

Take care of your diet and avoid stress  

To improve the growth of your eyebrows , eat a balanced diet and do not hesitate to include group B vitamins in your diet, which help strengthen hair fibers. Also try to avoid stressful situations and emotional shocks as much as possible which have a detrimental impact on the growth of your hair and eyebrow hair. 

Medical solutions  

Eyebrow transplants exist and may be more or less effective depending on your situation. Generally, hair taken from the nape of the patient's neck is used for this type of operation. There are also eyebrow growth treatments. These activate hair growth and provide the first visible results after approximately 2 months. 

Self-adhesive eyebrows  

For a quick and non-permanent solution , you can also opt for self-adhesive eyebrows which will allow you to sport beautiful eyebrows in no time. In fact, all you have to do is stick your stickers on your eyebrows and that's it! You will be able to enjoy thick eyebrows for several hours, or even a whole day. 

The make-up  

Another option to camouflage your thinning eyebrows is to use makeup. Variable according to your needs and the style you want to give, eyebrow makeup offers great trendy possibilities to intensify your look . The key accessory for eyebrow makeup is of course the eyebrow pencil , which must be the color of your hair. This will fill in the gaps and reshape the line of your brow bones to obtain the effect of thicker, fuller eyebrows. 

Permanent makeup  

Although make-up offers an interesting margin of maneuver to make your eyebrows more visible, this solution remains ephemeral and must be repeated every morning, which can take time. For working girls or women who don't want to wear makeup every morning, permanent makeup can be the ideal alternative. This technique is based on dermopigmentation of the outermost layers of the skin. It is carried out by fine needles which inject a pigment. 

Two main techniques are practiced today in beauty salons: microblading and microshading . The first aims for a more natural result with a hair by hair design, in order to fill in the gaps in your eyebrows. The second uses more of a dot-based technique for an ombré effect which gives a more sophisticated and made-up style. Sometimes both techniques can be used together depending on your expectations. 

The advantage of permanent makeup is undoubtedly its durability . Some touch-ups are necessary during the months following the first session, but then this dermopigmentation can last several years depending on the type of your skin. 

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