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Article: Microblading or Microshading: how to make the right choice?

Microblading or Microshading: how to make the right choice?

Microblading or microshading? For several years, these two permanent makeup techniques have been on the rise. What is this ? How does it work and how do you choose? We tell you everything! 

Are you tempted by permanent makeup? But, is your heart torn between the microblading technique and that of microshading ? It is true that these two types of permanent makeup look similar and are often mistakenly confused. They do not in fact use the same processes and do not have the same final result. Discover the advantages of each of these beauty techniques to highlight your eyebrows and thus make the right choice. 

Microblading for a natural eyebrow effect 

Microblading is renowned for its natural finish and long-lasting hold. 

An elaborate dermopigmentation technique 

Microblading is an advanced eyebrow micropigmentation technique . A professional beautician, using a manual pen with very fine needles, pigments the outer layers of the epidermis. The main objective of microblading is to reproduce as faithfully as possible the design of an eyebrow hair for a realistic and natural effect. 

Microblading: for whom? 

Microblading is particularly suitable for people who have thin and sparse eyebrows, because the ultra-fine lines of microblading help give the illusion that they are your natural eyebrows. 

The advantages of microblading 

Microblading is perfect for women wanting to achieve thicker eyebrows, while maintaining a natural effect. Its hair-by-hair imitation allows you to have a natural result without looking like you have made up. On the other hand, you should know that well-made microblading permanent makeup lasts for several weeks! 

Microshading for makeup-like eyebrows in all circumstances 

This technique, often perceived as more sophisticated, has the primary mission of intensifying your look by accentuating the natural lines of your eyebrows. 

Permanent makeup to give intensity to your eyes 

Just like microblading, microshading is a permanent makeup technique that uses a dermopigmentation process. The pigment used, however, penetrates less deeply into the epidermis than the previous technique. Its effect is blurrier and less precise than microblading. It can be compared to the rendering of an eyebrow pencil. Microshading uses powder shading and color gradient techniques for a makeup effect. 

Who is microshading recommended for? 

This technique is recommended for people with oily or dry skin, as the pigments are lighter and easier to apply. However, take precautions if you have very sensitive skin and possibly seek the advice of a doctor or dermatologist. 

Why choose microshading? 

Microshading adds volume and thickness to your eyebrows. It is ideal for women who are used to wearing makeup and want to be able to spend less time looking beautiful in the morning. In fact, correctly performed microshading allows you to obtain a makeup effect on all occasions for a period of several weeks. 

Combine the two permanent makeup techniques for a perfect result 

If you still can't make your choice, know that it is possible to combine the two techniques for a result that will really suit your desires. 

In which case should the two techniques be combined? 

If you have sparse eyebrows and you also want to obtain a made-up effect, the combination of the two techniques can give a sublime result. In any case, before getting started, the beautician will always start by taking stock of your expectations and your skin type with you. She will then advise you on the best technique to use. In general, an outline is even made first in pencil to make sure it suits you. 

How is this type of beauty service organized? 

Microblading and microshading are both carried out in an institute. The beautician will start by carefully choosing the pigments to use. These pigments are often quite expensive, count around fifty euros for quality pigments. The microblading or microshading session can last around an hour and costs between €150 and €500, depending on the institutes and the pigmentations used. Generally, this price includes a second touch-up appointment which must be carried out one month after the initial application, in order to readjust the pigmentation and rectify certain defects. At L'Atelier du Sourcil, our prices are between €230 and €330 for permanent eyebrow makeup, including a touch-up within two months following the service. 

The healing time for these permanent makeup techniques varies between 4 and 6 weeks depending on the sensitivity of your skin. The advantage is that you will then have peace of mind for several months. Finally, it is recommended to go to an institute every year to take stock of your permanent makeup and to carry out touch-ups if necessary. 

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