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Article: Colorful, invisible eyebrows: our tips for preparing for Mardi Gras and Carnival!

Colorful, invisible eyebrows: our tips for preparing for Mardi Gras and Carnival!

February rhymes with Mardi Gras and Carnival. Moreover , at this opportunity , why born not try out an out-of - the - ordinary look by trying eyebrow coloring Or At contrary the news eyebrow trend invisible? Quickly discover these news techniques For highlight your glance .  

The month of February is approaching and with it beautiful days of celebration in perspective. To sport a festive and trendy look on all occasions, your make-up must be perfect. From your mouth to your eyebrows, don't neglect any detail! 

Colored or invisible eyebrows: a modern and original look for special occasions

Mardi Gras and Carnival are perfect opportunities to dare to use new techniques to highlight your eyebrows or, on the contrary, to conceal them. 

Dare to use color by opting for ephemeral eyebrow coloring 

Carnival is often a very lively and festive costume party, where colors mix and where the most extravagant looks are completely assumed. It can therefore be the same for make-up. On this day, dare everything. You can choose permanent or temporary eyebrow coloring with bright, even flashy colors, such as pink, blue or yellow (depending on the color of your skin). 

You can even combine this technique with graphic or holographic eye makeup for an even more original result. Skin jewelry is also welcome to enhance your special carnival look. 

The new trend of invisible eyebrows 

For several years now, stars have started to spread a new make-up trend which is starting to become more and more popular. This is Bleached eyebrow or also called invisible eyebrows. This technique involves erasing your eyebrows by bleaching them or masking them with makeup. In general, it is rather the second technique that is used by covering your eyebrows with foundation for example. 


The benefits of colored eyebrows and Bleached eyebrow fashion 

These techniques, often used ephemerally, can also become sustainable alternatives. 

Eyebrow coloring: the main benefits 

If your eyebrows are sparse and you want to accentuate them further, eyebrow coloring can be an interesting solution. In fact, unlike eyebrow makeup , coloring is water-resistant and lasts between 3 and 4 weeks (until your natural eyebrow hairs grow back). On the other hand, coloring your eyebrows is quick, especially if you go to an institute. It only takes about ten minutes, because the dyeing time is extremely short, sometimes only a few minutes. 

Are invisible eyebrows suitable for everyone? 

The bleached eyebrow technique may seem a little extravagant at first glance, because the disappearance of our eyebrow arches completely destroys the lines of our face and our usual landmarks. However, it allows us to accentuate our eyes and highlight other natural assets that you may have, such as your lips. 

Indeed, the fashion for invisible eyebrows is ideal for daring to accentuate the color of your lipstick with brighter colors. Also remember to mark your cheekbones a little more than usual with blush to rebalance the guidelines of your face. 

Micrograyling: the new trend to enhance your eyebrows 

And to prepare for the Carnival celebrations, why don't you try the new beauty trend of micrograyling? This very recent new technique is poised to become one of the reference techniques in the world of permanent makeup. 

Micrograyling: what is it? 

Micrograyling is like microshading or microblading a permanent makeup technique . This is a dermopigmentation carried out using a very fine needle, which will deposit pigmentation in the outermost layers of the epidermis. Micrograyling, like all types of permanent makeup, must absolutely be carried out in an institute, for hygiene reasons, but also to have the guarantee that the result will live up to your expectations. 

What are the advantages of opting for micrograyling? 

Micrograyling is ideal for fairly full eyebrows with gaps to fill. Indeed, this technique is based on the natural shade of the person's eyebrow to which it adds darker shades to obtain a gradient 3D effect. The art of micrograyling is to give the illusion of real eyebrow hair in order to fill in the gaps. This will make your eyebrow look thicker. 

Another advantage of micrograyling is its long-lasting hold which allows you to maintain perfect eyebrows for several weeks without touch-ups or makeup. For women in a hurry, this beauty asset is very practical on a daily basis. 

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