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Article: Why protect your eyebrows from the sun in summer?

Why protect your eyebrows from the sun in summer?

We hears often that he East important to protect her skin and its sun hair . But , what is it from your eyebrows ? He East TRUE that one exposure At sun too intense actually has an impact negative on your eyebrow hairs . In fact , the latter have tendency to discolor , it is Why he East It is essential to protect them well .  

How dangerous are UV rays for your eyebrows? 

When we expose ourselves to the sun, our skin will begin to produce more melanocytes, a specific molecule that allows our skin to better resist the sun. It is also this phenomenon which is at the origin of tanning. 

However, the same process does not occur for hair or eyebrows. On the contrary, the melanin present in hair fibers tends to oxidize, which is why hair and eyebrows will begin to lighten after several intense exposures to the sun. 

On the other hand, discoloration of your eyebrow hairs is not the only negative point of too intense exposure to UV rays. Indeed, exposing yourself to the sun for too long without protection will also damage your skin and cause skin irritation . Which can harm the proper growth of your eyebrows in the long term. 

For all these reasons, it is therefore essential to take care of your eyebrows and protect them from the sun's UV rays. This is especially true when you have used permanent makeup. 

What is the procedure to follow in the case of permanent makeup? 

Permanent makeup is a dermopigmentation technique , particularly used to redo eyebrows . Also known as Microblading or Microshading, these techniques aim to allow you to have a sublime look in all circumstances . However, you must be careful and not expose yourself to the sun too early. 

Limit your exposure to the sun  

When performing permanent eyebrow makeup , it is important to respect a period of at least 7 days during which you will not expose yourself to the sun. In fact, the dermopigmentation techniques used for permanent makeup leave open micro-wounds which will have to heal before any exposure to the sun. 

Moreover, the same precautions must be taken with regard to sea water and chlorinated swimming pool water. It is important to scrupulously respect a period of at least one week, so that the skin on your eyebrows has healed well and there is no risk of infection . 

On the other hand, one of the particularly undesirable effects of the sun's UV rays is the discoloration of the pigments that they cause. In fact, even eyebrows that have been tattooed for several months can see their pigmentation change under the influence of the sun. It is therefore important to protect them, in order to preserve your skin on the one hand, but also (in the case of permanent makeup or eyebrow dye ) to preserve the color of the pigmentation of your eyebrows. Indeed, well-protected eyebrows will remain beautiful for longer and you will be able to enjoy a top-notch eyebrow line all summer long! 


Protect your eyebrows well from UV rays 

Whether you have used permanent makeup or not, protecting your eyebrows is essential. But, what are the most effective protections? 

The hat: the fashion accessory to protect your eyebrows 

The hat can be a great ally to protect your eyebrows , especially in the case of permanent makeup that you have recently done. Indeed, on recent skin pigmentation, it is strongly recommended not to apply sunscreen or any fatty substance, as this could cause infections. The hat is therefore your best fashion asset to effectively protect yourself from the sun. 

Sun cream 

Once your skin has completely healed, you can use factor 30 or 50 sunscreen, which you can apply directly to your eyebrows. This will protect your skin from sun-related damage and allow you to preserve the natural color of your eyebrows or keep the pigmentation of your permanent makeup intact for as long as possible. 

A little beauty tip is to apply Vaseline to your eyebrows when you go to the swimming pool or the sea, this creates a protective barrier that will protect your eyebrows against chlorine from the swimming pool or salt water from the sea. 

Nourishing after-sun care 

There are many treatments available to take care of your eyebrows. Some are even specific after eyebrow dermopigmentation . You can also regularly apply lotions, oils or creams based on body butter such as shea butter or coconut and castor oil to your eyebrows (which also promotes the regrowth of your eyebrows). 

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