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Article: Which makeup for the beach?

Which makeup for the beach?

The beach , swimming and make -up seem at first glance views completely incompatible! However , beach makeup does exist . But , how to make a beach make - up at the top of the trend , without overdoing it ? Here is a few advice practice to do beach makeup that will enhance your glance .  

For or against beach make-up? 

The beach is the place to sunbathe. Where we swim and practice various water sports. Therefore, we can consider that makeup is not really suitable for an afternoon at the beach. However, for some, going out without makeup is almost impossible! Indeed, for some women, makeup is an essential beauty asset everywhere. Makeup actually allows you to hide certain imperfections and remain impeccable in all circumstances. 

On the other hand, if you are invited to a picnic with friends or to a festive evening by the sea, it is difficult, in this case, not to plan to come wearing makeup. But how do you wear makeup for the beach? There are simple tips for achieving beach makeup that lasts without overdoing it. 

Taking care of your skin: hydration and sun protection

To have beautiful skin when you go to the beach, it is important to take care of it every day. Every day, remember to clean your skin with a mild soap and moisturize it with a nourishing and moisturizing cream. This prevents the appearance of wrinkles and allows your skin to remain firm while maintaining a luminous complexion. 

When you go out in the sun, don't forget to apply sunscreen to your skin with an SPF index of 50, or even 30 if your skin is already tanned. Protecting your skin from the sun is essential to have a beautiful complexion and enhance your face. 

Take particular care of your complexion

The complexion is an essential part of a successful make-up. It should be bright and uniform. It must also adapt to the natural shade of your skin and skillfully conceal your small imperfections (pimples or dark circles more or less marked). 

The trick to having a flawless complexion is to use a tinted cream with integrated sun protection. Some are even water resistant and can last an entire afternoon. Additionally, if you haven't had time to apply color yet, you can choose a lightly tanned tinted cream to give you a natural tanned effect. 


Favor waterproof cosmetic products 

If we take the example of synchronized swimmers, we can see that waterproof makeup has made a lot of progress in recent years. Indeed, for your beach outings, you can absolutely use waterproof makeup. This has the characteristic of being water resistant and not leaking. It remains intact in all circumstances (swimming, skin perspiration, etc.). Moreover, today there is a varied range of waterproof makeup products (mascara, eyebrow pencil , eye shadow, lipstick, etc.). 

Easy-to-achieve beach make-up ideas 

Here are some beach makeup ideas that are easy to achieve and adaptable to the circumstances (festive events, beach outing with friends, etc.). 

Simple but effective beach make-up 

In summer, we often look naturally good. It is therefore preferable to opt for nude and light makeup. Here are some foolproof steps to follow: 

  1. Even out your complexion with a moisturizing and tinted waterproof BB cream.  
  2. Apply concealer under the eyelids. Blend everything out.  
  3. Draw a line of black eyeliner on the upper eyelid. The best is to make a fairly thin line so that the makeup remains light and rather natural.  
  4. Consider also reworking the line of your eyebrows to have beautiful eyebrows . .  
  5. You can finish your makeup by applying a black waterproof mascara.  

Perfect makeup for a festive evening at the beach 

If you are invited to a festive evening at the beach, you cannot ignore makeup. During a festive event, know that you can afford almost anything. Indeed, once you have taken care to perfect your complexion, you can easily opt for waterproof eye shadow and use colored pencils (coral, gold, blue, green, etc.). Above all, dare to use colors! 

Finally, finish your make-up with a lipstick with integrated sun protection, to protect your lips from the sun's UV rays. Indeed, a beautiful lipstick adapted to your skin tone is the perfect element to enhance your beach makeup. 

Finally, when you need to remove your makeup, if you have opted for waterproof makeup, consider purchasing a makeup remover specially designed for this type of makeup. This will be more effective and faster to remove your makeup. 

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