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Article: What eye make-up according to the color of your eyes?

What eye make-up according to the color of your eyes?

Makeup offers a multitude of shades to highlight your eyes whatever their color. Quickly discover our best tips to enhance your eyes.

Each iris color can be highlighted, but not necessarily in the same way. The color of the eyeshadow and the more or less pronounced shades of the rest of your makeup must indeed match the color of your eyes. Quickly discover our best makeup tips to highlight the natural beauty of your eyes.

What makeup for blue eyes?

To highlight blue eyes, you should favor warm, coppery colors, but also don't hesitate to use black eyeliner to intensify your look.

Eyeshadow in warm colors

The complementary color of blue is orange. This is why all orange, copper or golden tones are preferred. They will skillfully highlight the color of your iris without darkening your eyes. Indeed, when you have blue eyes, it is better to avoid dark colors, such as dark blue or navy blue, which can accentuate your dark circles and dull your eyes.

Black to highlight the blue of your eyes

On the other hand, for your eyeliner or mascara, black is ideal. It will highlight your eyes and intensify the natural color of your iris. If you want to perfect your make-up with an eyebrow restructuring , it is generally advisable to use a pencil slightly darker than your natural hair color. Thus, your eyebrows will be enhanced and your eyes will be highlighted in a harmonious way!

What makeup for green eyes?

Green eyes are quite rare, but reveal incomparable beauty.

Eyeshadow in red tones: a must-have

Often, to highlight green eyes, purple, plum or red shades are preferred. To avoid making makeup that lacks pep, avoid using shades that are too close to the iris, such as green or khaki.

Namely, two-tone makeup with purple and gold tones can also be ideal. Just be sure to put the golden shade in the inner corner of the eye to brighten your eyes.

Black mascara and eyeliner to make green eyes stand out

Finally, mascara and black eyeliner are also essential to intensify the color of your green eyes. Just like blue eyes, black will make your eyes look bigger. For a perfect make-up, don't forget to highlight your brow bones with a gel or eyebrow pencil in the color of the eyebrows.

What makeup for brown eyes?

Brown eyes have the advantage of matching almost all shades of eyeshadow. Even if certain shades particularly highlight brown eyes, such as gold, green, blue and brown shades.

Smoky eyes: a must for brown eyes

Smoky eyes allow you to intensify your look by using gradient shades. Generally, the preferred shades for brown eyes are black or dark brown, as well as gold for the inner corner of the eye.

Mascara, eyeliner: which shades to choose?

Black is the most classic shade and the one that will best highlight your brown eyes. It is therefore preferred for perfecting your makeup, and in particular for your eyebrow makeup , mascara and eyeliner.

How to highlight black eyes?

The advantage with black eyes is that they can get away with anything.

The Best Eyeshadow Shades for Black Eyes

In itself, all shades can suit black eyes. Gold and brown shades are generally particularly popular. Mascara and black eyeliner are timeless that will also suit dark eyes.

Dare to use flashy colors

Black eyes also have the particularity of being highlighted by all colors, even those that are less conventional. With dark eyes, you really can get away with anything. Electric blue eyeshadow, colorful mascara, eyeliner in flashy shades, your only limit will be your imagination!

What makeup for gray eyes?

Gray or very light eyes can sometimes lack intensity. This is why you should favor blue, gray and slightly silvery shades.

Choose a delicate eyeshadow

Purple, plum, khaki, pink or blue… Choose delicate colors and light makeup to enhance your gray or very light eyes. Gray or charcoal tones can also be perfectly suited for a more sober and elegant make-up!

Mascara and eyeliner: which color to choose?

If black remains a safe bet, you can opt for a little fantasy depending on the color of your irises. For example, if your gray tends to blue, you can dare to use a light line of navy blue eyeliner. Likewise, if you have gray-green eyes, a khaki line will be perfect!

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