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Article: Microshading, microblading and micrograyling: how to make the right choice?

Microshading, microblading and micrograyling: how to make the right choice?

There are several permanent makeup techniques. It is therefore important to know the characteristics of each of them in order to make the right choice.

Permanent eyebrow makeup consists of an eyebrow dermopigmentation technique which penetrates dermopigments into the superficial layers of your epidermis. This method allows you to restructure and enhance your eyebrows in a lasting way. But how to choose the right permanent makeup technique? Microblading, microshading or micrograyling, discover the characteristics of the main permanent makeup techniques to make the right choice.

The different permanent eyebrow makeup techniques

There are three types of permanent eyebrow makeup: microblading, microshading and micrograyling. Each has its own particularities. However, these three techniques have in common the fact that they must be carried out in a beauty salon.

Generally, a permanent makeup session costs several tens, or even hundreds of euros. It will then be necessary to plan for touch-ups, which must be carried out one month after the first session, then every year, depending on your skin type.

Microblading for a natural effect

Microblading is a dermopigmentation technique which aims to give a natural and discreet effect. This type of permanent makeup appeared in Asia in the 1990s. It is therefore an old technique, which has already proven itself and which has continued to improve over time.

The microblading technique mainly consists of a hair-by-hair drawing which is carried out one by one for a result that is intended to be as natural as possible. This technique is one of the longest to perform, because drawing each hair is quite time-consuming. This is in particular the reason why a microblading session is often more expensive than that of microshading or micrograyling.

Microshading and its sophisticated effect

The microshading technique is based on a shading effect to intensify the volume of the eyebrows. Unlike microblading, each hair is not drawn, but a succession of small dots are made to create a powder effect, identical to that of an eyebrow pencil. This technique is therefore less painful than microblading and often better supported by the epidermis.

Micrograyling: shading, 3D and gradient effects

This technique is the most recent. It plays on an illusion effect by combining a 3D shading effect and a gradient color effect, which allows you to obtain seemingly thicker eyebrows. This technique allows you to give a more natural effect than microshading, without being as picky as microblading, since micrograyling does not involve drawing hair by hair.

Micrograyling is in short a technique which was inspired by the two previous ones for a result which combines both the naturalness and the volume effect that eyebrow makeup can offer.

Which permanent makeup should you choose depending on the characteristics of your eyebrows?

When making your choice, it is important to consider two things: the nature of your eyebrows and the result you want to achieve.

Low volume eyebrows

If you have very thin eyebrows and want to give them more volume, the ideal is to opt for micrograyling. In fact, this is the most effective technique for giving volume to your eyebrows. The result obtained remains natural and allows you to enjoy visibly thicker eyebrows.

Thinning eyebrows

In the case of sparse eyebrows or eyebrows with gaps, the most appropriate technique remains microblading. Indeed, its very realistic hair-by-hair design allows you to fill in the gaps with a natural result. However, you should know that this technique is especially suitable for people who are not used to wearing makeup, because the result obtained remains very natural.

For a made-up and sophisticated effect

If you want a sophisticated look, microshading is for you. This technique, which plays on shading and the powdered effect, is ideal for people who are used to wearing makeup and wish to maintain this more pronounced look.

For restructured eyebrows

To correct the natural line of your eyebrows, it is best to opt for microblading. This technique offers you the possibility of restructuring your eyebrows in a very precise way with a hair by hair finish.

Is it possible to combine several permanent makeup techniques?

Before your first permanent makeup session, a beautician will take the time to review with you all the possibilities available to you. She will advise you on the techniques to favor depending on the particularities of your eyebrows and the result you want to obtain. In some cases, several different techniques can be used for a truly tailor-made result.

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