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Article: Why and how to remove makeup properly?

Why and how to remove makeup properly?

Removing makeup from your skin is an essential beauty gesture for the good health of your epidermis. It slows down the formation of wrinkles and allows you to protect your skin from irritation and the appearance of spots.

Removing makeup every day is an essential beauty routine to maintain clear and radiant skin. But, what are the secrets to successful makeup removal? And, what type of makeup remover products should you choose based on the characteristics of your skin? Find out how to properly remove makeup while respecting your skin.

Why is it important to remove makeup every day?

Unless you have used permanent makeup , removing makeup every day is essential, for several reasons.

Boost cellular regeneration of the epidermis

By removing makeup regularly, you avoid clogging the pores of your skin. Indeed, regular application of makeup (foundation, lipstick, eye shadow) can limit the oxygen supply to the cells of your epidermis, which can slow down the cellular regeneration of your skin.

This is why makeup removal has an essential boosting effect which improves the tone of the skin, activating blood microcirculation and purifying pores.

Avoid the appearance of pimples and wrinkles

Keeping your skin clean allows you to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and thus limit the appearance of pimples or acne. In addition, skin that is removed regularly is also less sensitive to wrinkles, since the cells of the epidermis benefit from better conditions to regenerate and renew themselves.

Taking care of your eyes and eyebrows

If you are a fan of mascara, eyebrow pencil and eyeliner, removing makeup is a routine that should not be neglected. Indeed, if you do not remove makeup daily, makeup deposits risk accumulating around your eyes and eyelashes. This can ultimately irritate your eyes, cause intolerance to makeup, or even cause your eyelashes to fall out prematurely.

On the other hand, it is also important to remove makeup from your eyebrows every day, as neglecting makeup removal from this area of ​​your face could be the cause of thinning eyebrows. In fact, the accumulation of makeup and dead cells can ultimately suffocate the skin of your eyebrows and reduce the growth of your hair follicles.

What are the right actions to adopt?

For effective makeup removal, it is often best to remove makeup in the evening. But the most important thing is still to choose your makeup remover products carefully and to take the right steps.

Why preferably remove makeup in the evening?

Although it is possible to remove makeup at any time of the day, what is essential is not to sleep with your makeup on. After your day, remember to remove your makeup. Indeed, sleeping with clean skin will bring you more comfort, but will also allow your epidermis to improve its ability to regenerate while you sleep.

Choose your makeup remover wisely

Depending on your skin type and the sensitivity of your epidermis, it is preferable to favor certain makeup remover products over others. For example, if you have sensitive skin, preferably opt for a makeup remover milk or hypoallergenic micellar water. In this way, you will reduce the friction of the cotton on your skin, and you will be able to enjoy gentle makeup removal without irritating the skin on your face.

On the other hand, if you have oily skin, the ideal is to choose a makeup remover based on oil or micellar jellies. Although at first glance you might think that adding fat could make things worse, this is actually not the case. On the contrary, makeup remover oils help regulate the skin's sebum production.

The essential steps for successful makeup removal

Here are the main steps for effective and non-abrasive makeup removal for your skin.

Wash one's hands

First of all, wash your hands well. This will avoid carrying germs on your face and will allow you to clean your skin better.

Clean your face gently

Using a disposable or washable cotton pad, spread the makeup remover on your face while pressing lightly to remove your makeup. Use gentle movements, without rubbing, so as not to irritate your skin.

Do this over your entire face until all makeup has been removed. Take the time to remove makeup from your eyes (mascara, makeup pen, etc.), as this area is particularly sensitive.

Apply a moisturizer

Once your face has been completely removed, you can continue your beauty routine by applying a soothing lotion, then a moisturizing cream adapted to your skin type. This way, your skin will be well cleansed and hydrated, which will allow it to gain tone and slow down its aging in the long term.

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