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Article: When is the best time for permanent makeup?

When is the best time for permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup can be done at any time during the year. However, certain periods are more favorable than others to test this dermopigmentation technique.

Permanent makeup is a technique based on dermopigments which are inserted into the superficial layers of the epidermis. This allows you to maintain impeccable makeup over the long term without needing to apply makeup every morning. Although it is true that permanent makeup can be done in any season, certain times of the year are nevertheless preferred.

The main recommendations to follow after a permanent makeup session

To avoid unpleasant surprises following a recent permanent makeup session, it is imperative to respect certain rules:

  • Do not expose yourself to the sun without protection;
  • Apply a healing ointment every day, or even several times a day;
  • Avoid saunas, swimming pools and swimming at the beach for at least a week;
  • Do not use UV rays;
  • Do not wear makeup or apply greasy substances to the treated area for several days.

Compliance with these rules can sometimes be very restrictive. This is why choosing the period during which you will carry out your permanent makeup is essential.

Why is it better to avoid permanent makeup in summer?

Even though it is possible to have your first permanent makeup session in summer, it is really not recommended.

The summer season: excellent swimming time

After a permanent makeup session, it is essential to respect certain strict rules, which exclude swimming in the pool or the sea, which is not the most enviable situation in the middle of summer.

On the other hand, for at least a week, the treated areas will remain fragile and should not be exposed to germs to limit the risk of infection. This is why baths and very intense sports sessions are often prohibited just after this type of session.

The summer sun: the enemy of your permanent makeup

We must also take into account the fact that in summer we are exposed to more sun and that the intensity of UV rays is higher. It can therefore be quite uncomfortable to carry out this type of procedure in summer, since you will have to be doubly attentive to the duration of your exposure to the sun and to apply sunscreen regularly to the made-up areas.

Another point, the sun can also alter the pigments in your makeup more quickly. Indeed, during a first session, exposure to the sun without protection can change the color of your make-up. This can be annoying, because you should know that before you can begin a retouching session, you will have to wait at least one to two months.

Finally, the heat of summer temperatures can make the healing process of your permanent makeup more unpleasant. This is also why planning your first permanent makeup session in the spring is a wiser idea.

Spring: the ideal season for permanent makeup

Spring, at the end of winter, is undoubtedly the best season to carry out dermopigmentation of eyebrows , eyes or lips and benefit from it throughout the summer period.

Spring: an ideal transition period

Before your first permanent makeup session, you should definitely not sunbathe. Therefore, deciding to schedule your dermopigmentation session just after winter is a good alternative. Because, in the winter season, we tend to get little exposure to the sun. Your skin will therefore be more hydrated and better able to withstand the effects of a permanent makeup session.

Milder temperatures

In spring, temperatures generally do not exceed 20°C. This ideal climate will allow you to be more comfortable while your permanent makeup heals.

Less frequent beach trips

During mid-season, trips to the beach are rarer than in summer. This season is therefore more suitable for your first dermopigmentation session. Especially since the power of UV rays is less significant, which will make the post-intervention period less restrictive.

The spring season: for impeccable makeup this summer

Finally, you should know that after your first permanent makeup session, as with microshading or microblading , for example, the implanted pigments may fade slightly. Which can vary the color of your make-up. This is why it is often recommended to schedule another touch-up session one to two months after your first appointment.

So, if you want to enjoy ideal permanent makeup during the summer, the perfect timing is to start your first session in early spring. This way, before summer arrives, you will be able to enjoy impeccable makeup and plan touch-ups if necessary.

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