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Article: Mob wife, what is this new makeup trend?

Mob wife, what is this new makeup trend?

At the start of 2024, Mob Wife make-up has spread widely on social networks. This femme fatale look is gaining more and more momentum and is becoming the trend of the moment.

Mob Wife makeup is currently all the rage on Tik-Tok. This new makeup trend puts the femme fatale look in the spotlight by relegating the trend of discreet and natural makeup to the background. But how to achieve this makeup which is currently omnipresent on social networks? Discover the essential steps to achieve impeccable Mob Wife make-up.

What is Mob Wife makeup?

The Mob Wife is a trend that is inspired by the look of the Mafia wife. Both sexy and daring, this look embodies the perfect mafiosa archetype. Bling-bling outfit and daring makeup, everything is done to highlight your assets for a guaranteed femme fatale effect. The Mob Wife make-up is therefore a rather busy make-up with a very worked and colorful complexion.

The eyes are particularly highlighted with a smoky look and dark colors to accentuate the intensity of the look.

Lips are generally nude in color, but are often enhanced with a gradient effect which aims to make your lips look more voluminous and fuller.

Can The Mob Wife be for everyone?

This makeup trend can be achieved in lots of different ways. It is therefore easy to adapt to your assets, whatever the color of your complexion and your eyes. You should also know that the Mob Wife trend doesn't stop at makeup. Most of the time it is a complete look with a rather sexy outfit, with a simple, but still modern hairstyle.

How to achieve successful Mob Wife makeup?

Here are the essential steps to follow to achieve an ultra-trendy Mob Wife make-up.

Opt for a colored complexion

If the codes of recent years were to favor a natural and fresh complexion, the rules of Mob Wife have reversed the trend. Indeed, this pronounced makeup style on the contrary emphasizes flashiness. You can therefore afford to apply a matte foundation, while of course respecting the color of your skin tone.

For a colorful and more dapper effect, don't hesitate to add blush or sun powder if you have a naturally tanned complexion.

Focus on the eyes

The eyes are the most highlighted elements in a Mob Wife make-up. Generally, dark shades are favored, such as black for an intense smoky look.

Smoky eyes: a must-have for the Mob Wife

Smoky eyes are often the technique used in a Mob Wife, because it intensifies the look and gives that sophisticated effect, typical of the mafiosa look.

To achieve it, choose three gradient shades of makeup pen . The darkest shade will be used to accentuate your lower and upper lash line, as well as to outline the limits of your make-up at the outer corner of the eye.

The lightest shade will be used to brighten your eyes. This is why you will need to apply it to the inner corner of the eye. Finally, the intermediate shade will allow you to give a gradient effect to your eyelids.

Eyeliner to enhance the look

Eyeliner remains an essential part of eye makeup. Remember to choose the line that will best flatter your eye shape. Generally, the line at the upper lash line lengthens and widens your eyes, which is not necessarily the case with the eyeliner line at the lower lash line. It can in fact tend to harden your features and accentuate the drooping eyelid effect. If you don't have the desire or the time to wear makeup every day, permanent eyelash trimming can be a solution!

Boost the volume of your eyelashes for an intense look

Finally, don't forget to apply black mascara. This will allow you to emphasize your eyes and highlight your makeup. To boost the volume of your eyelashes, you can also opt for natural eyelash extensions .

Boost the volume of your lips

Since Mob Wife makeup is more focused on the eyes, we will avoid intense red lips. It is actually advisable to opt for a nude mouth. However, nothing stops you from playing with different shades to make your lips more voluminous.

You can use a darker lip liner to outline your mouth, then apply a lighter pinkish-tinted lipstick in the center. This will accentuate the volume of your lips and highlight them without stealing the spotlight from your eyes, which, as a reminder, remain one of the key elements of a successful Mob Wife make-up.

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