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Article: How to put makeup on your eyes after 70?

How to put makeup on your eyes after 70?

Small imperfections, fine lines that start to be more apparent, makeup after 70 sometimes requires changing certain habits. But, fortunately, thanks to certain tips, you can enhance your eyes even as you age.

Over the years, our skin changes. Wrinkles may appear and the shape of the eyelids may change slightly. This is why, after age 70, it may be necessary to adapt your makeup style to camouflage your small imperfections. But, which techniques to favor? Discover the best tips to use for makeup that brightens your eyes after 70 years.

Tips for enhancing your eyes after 70

Even after 70 years, wearing makeup remains a beauty routine that should not be neglected. However, with age, some of our small imperfections can become more marked and therefore visible. This is why certain steps should not be neglected.

Redraw your eyebrows

Well-shaped eyebrows intensify your look and skillfully highlight it. The problem is that with age, the thickness of the eyebrows tends to decrease. Eyebrows become thinner. This is why using an eyebrow pencil to give the illusion of thicker eyebrows can be an effective alternative.

The important thing is to choose the right shade of your eyebrow pencil. The ideal is to opt for a pencil of the same color as your natural eyebrows, or even slightly darker. In this way, you will be able to highlight your eyebrow arches for a natural effect, which will be perfect for a more mature woman.

If having to put on makeup every morning scares you, consider permanent eyebrow makeup . This dermopigmentation technique will allow you to have impeccable eyebrows with just one or two touch-ups per year!

Choosing the right eyeshadow

To highlight your eyes, it is important to choose the shade of your eyeshadow carefully, so that it matches your iris color. Avoid colors that are too dark, as they harden your features and can even make your dark circles stand out.

Choose light and bright shades. You can also refine your eye makeup by drawing a line of black eyeliner on the upper lash line. This will allow you to enlarge your eyes and accentuate them.

Don't forget the mascara

Mascara, even after 70 years, still has its effect. Like your eyebrows, with age, your eyelashes may be less voluminous and less full. Applying a black mascara can therefore offer you the opportunity to compensate for this lack and give a boost to your makeup.

Which makeup products to favor after 70 years?

After the age of 70, certain bad habits should absolutely be avoided, such as:

  • Not taking care of your complexion;
  • Use dark eyeshadow that is unsuitable for your eye color;
  • Doing too much makeup;
  • Do not make up your eyebrows;
  • Not adequately hydrating the skin on your lips.

Indeed, certain steps of your makeup remain essential to maintain fresh and natural makeup.

Opt for a fluid and light foundation

The complexion is the basis of successful makeup. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and radiance. This is why it is essential to take care of your complexion. And, that starts by properly hydrating the skin on your face. Apply a moisturizer suitable for your skin type at least once a day.

When applying makeup, opt for liquid foundations or BB creams tinted to match the color of your skin tone. This will allow you to even out your complexion and hide your small imperfections (brown spots, wrinkles, etc.). If you have dark circles, don't hesitate to use concealer. This will allow you to have a brighter complexion and highlight your natural assets.

Blush for a healthy glow

For a guaranteed healthy glow, use a pink or orange blush depending on the color of your skin. This will brighten up your complexion. Blush is generally applied to the cheekbones. However, be careful not to add too much material. Because this could give an overly made-up effect and lack sophistication.

Nude lipstick

Over time, the skin on our lips also becomes more fragile. This is why the first step for sublimated lips is to moisturize them daily. To highlight them and maintain a natural effect, opt for a nude lipstick. Using a lip liner can also help you make your lips fuller and correct certain small flaws, such as slight asymmetry, drooping lips or even lips considered too thin. Permanent lip makeup can also be an option to keep your lips perfect in all circumstances!

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