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Article: How to make your lipstick last all day?

How to make your lipstick last all day?

Keeping your lipstick intact is not always easy. Fortunately, a few simple tips can help you maintain sublime lips all day long.

It's possible to make your lipstick last all day! But you should know that to obtain such a result, you will need to take good care of your lips beforehand, so that your makeup lasts optimally. Discover in detail our best tips for perfectly fixing your lipstick.

The best tips for making your blush last all day

Here are some tips for maximum hold of your makeup.

Exfoliate your lips regularly

Often neglected, lip exfoliation is nevertheless a beauty routine to be carried out regularly. In fact, a well-done exfoliation helps remove dead skin and keeps the skin on your lips smooth. This will subsequently make it easier for your lipstick to hold well.

However, be careful not to exfoliate too frequently. The ideal is to do one every month. You can do it with an exfoliating cosmetic product intended for this purpose, or make your scrub with a mixture of sugar and honey.

Moisturize your lips daily

Depending on the time of year, the skin on your lips can be put to the test. Cold or heat are in fact two factors that can dry out your skin. This is why it is important to drink enough water and apply lip balm daily to nourish them. This way you won't have chapped lips, making it much easier to apply your lipstick.

Use a pencil to outline your lips

For a guaranteed result, don't forget to use a lip liner. Similar to the eyebrow pencil , it is the essential accessory to properly define your lips. Depending on the effect you want to give (uniform or gradient color), choose the appropriate pencil shade. Then, trace the outline of your mouth. You will benefit from beautiful finishes that will perfectly highlight your lips.

Apply your lipstick with a brush

Once you have outlined the outline of your lips, fill in the inside with the lipstick of your choice. Little tip, you can use a brush to apply your makeup. So, you can even easily apply several layers for better hold of your makeup.

Note that it is also possible to apply a fixative to your lips before applying your lipstick. This will allow the color layer of your makeup to be permanently fixed. However, this alternative is not necessarily the preferred one for daily use, because fixatives generally contain components which can ultimately dry out the skin on your lips.

Add mattifying powder

Finally, to perfect the makeup of your lips, you can finish your makeup by applying a mattifying powder. This will make the color of your lipstick more intense and can help you keep it intact for longer. What do you think of lip ink? Lip ink is a type of liquid lipstick that is usually applied using a small brush. Very practical, this product has the advantage of drying very quickly and limiting color transfer as much as possible. Available in many shades, this cosmetic actually allows you to benefit from better staying power than a classic lipstick, especially if you take good care of your lips every day.

Permanent lip makeup: a lasting solution

Permanent lip makeup can also prove to be a possible alternative for women who want to enjoy impeccable makeup all day long. In fact, permanent makeup allows you to keep your lips covered for several months without retouching or needing to apply makeup. This technique consists of the introduction of dermopigments into the superficial layers of the skin of your lips. Customizable and long-lasting, permanent makeup therefore gives you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful lips over the long term and in all circumstances.

Where can you get permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is a technique that requires certain know-how and specific equipment. This is why it is essential to carry out this type of treatment in a beauty salon. Generally, during a first appointment, the beautician will take the time to define your expectations with you. You should know that unlike tattoos, permanent makeup is not indelible.

Without retouching, its pigments will eventually fade between 1 to 3 years. This is why annual touch-ups are necessary if you want to keep your makeup intact. However, maintaining permanent makeup is much less restrictive than having to apply makeup every morning. Hence the interest in opting for this solution if you want to enjoy sublime lips and long-lasting makeup.

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