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Article: How to apply makeup on sensitive eyes?

How to apply makeup on sensitive eyes?

Some people may have sensitive eyes and experience some discomfort when wearing makeup. Fortunately, thanks to certain tips, you will be able to enhance your eyes again by using makeup adapted to your sensitivity.

Watery eyes, tingling, redness, these are common signs of discomfort that can be caused by makeup. These reactions are often due to hypersensitivity in your eyes. But do not panic ! This doesn't mean, however, that you should absolutely ban makeup from your beauty routines. Generally, by choosing your products better and avoiding certain gestures, you will be able to put on makeup again without feeling any particular discomfort.

How do you know if you have sensitive eyes?

Several signs can alert you to the sensitivity of your skin or eyes.

Signs that don't deceive

Usually, when you have sensitive eyes, you may be more prone to feeling tingling in your eyes. The skin on your eyelids or mucous membranes may even become irritated and red, causing watery eyes.

Why do some people have more sensitive eyes?

Hypersensitivity of the eyes can be due to an allergy or certain specific situations, such as wearing contact lenses or dry eyes.

It is therefore important to take these inconveniences seriously, which can even increase in intensity if you do not quickly change your habits.

How to make up your sensitive eyes?

Fortunately, it is still possible to apply makeup even when you have sensitive eyes. Here are some tips to help you choose your makeup better and adopt gestures that are more respectful of your eyes.

Choose your makeup wisely

Choosing your beauty products is not trivial. If you have sensitive eyes, avoid products containing perfumed essences and synthetic black pigments such as (CI77/75XXX), as this can cause irritation and itching more easily.

Also avoid frequent use of waterproof products. They indeed contain harmful components such as silicones and paraffin. The ideal for sensitive eyes is therefore to favor organic cosmetic products or those containing mainly natural ingredients. The pigments should preferably be of plant origin; they will thus be better tolerated by your body.

Finally, also be careful about how your makeup stays on, because makeup that is too volatile risks spreading across your face and getting into your eyes, which is exactly what you should try to avoid. Also be careful if you wear natural eyelash extensions , they must be correctly attached and done by a professional, to prevent elements from entering your eyes.

Remove makeup daily

To minimize the risk of a reaction in your eyes, remove your makeup daily. Use gentle, quality products. Preferably, opt for makeup removers tested under ophthalmological and dermatological control. This will ensure that you are confident that the product you are going to apply to your eyes will not contain any dangerous chemical components.

Clean your makeup accessories regularly

For complete and impeccable hygiene, also remember to clean your brushes and other accessories after each use. Do not hesitate to clean them with soap and rinse them with clean water. In fact, the brushes to apply your eyeshadow must be clean, so as not to put germs near your eyes.

Actions to avoid when you have sensitive eyes

When you have sensitive eyes, certain bad habits should be avoided as quickly as possible.

Apply a pencil to the inner lining of your eyes

Applying a makeup pen or pencil to the inner lining of the eye subtly highlights the look. But, when you have sensitive eyes, this beauty tip should be avoided, because it can irritate your mucous membrane, since the makeup will be in direct contact with your skin and your eye.

Increase friction by applying makeup to your eyelids

If you have sensitive eyes, be gentle when applying your makeup. Limit friction as much as possible when applying your eye shadow. If possible, favor tapping and not spreading makeup on your eyelid area. Gel textures with a brush can also be an alternative to consider.

Applying your mascara too close to your eyelash line

Finally, last tip, don't apply your mascara too close to your eyes. Leave a slight space between your lashline. This way, you can enjoy the amplifying effect of the mascara without worrying that the product will end up getting into your eyes.

Finally, to apply makeup to sensitive eyes while limiting the risk of irritation, you can opt for makeup techniques that require fewer products, such as eyelash enhancement .

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