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Article: When to opt for an eyebrow dye in a salon?

When to opt for an eyebrow dye in a salon?

Central eye area, the eyebrows actually outline your entire face.

Sometimes sparse, lacking in density or simply damaged by too regular epilations, there are actually solutions to sport perfectly healthy eyebrows. Among them, eyebrow tinting! Find out how to achieve it and when to adopt it.

Eyebrow makeup

In general, when we talk about eye makeup, we are talking about eye shadow, mascara or eyeliner, but ultimately not enough about eyebrow makeup. However, they are of the utmost importance. Well maintained and made up, they are an undeniable asset to enhance and sublimate your eyes. If you don't have a lot of time but still want to have beautiful, impeccably corrected eyebrows every day, the solution is to consider eyebrow tinting.

Maintain your eyebrows with tweezers

You got it right, so having beautiful eyebrows is much more important than you might think. It is therefore strongly recommended to maintain them regularly.

To take care of it in the best possible way, take our Tweez Premium Tweezers. It is then necessary to draw your eyebrow line to make it beautiful and clear. If you want expert advice; we recommend that you make an appointment with a Atelier du Sourcil to have it traced. Then all you have to do is remove the unsightly little hairs on a regular basis, which will grow back. Be careful, however, to excessively excessive waxing, which slows down or causes the regrowth of certain hairs to disappear.

Maintain your eyebrows with wax

Have you heard of eyebrow waxing? Of course, this solution is quick and undoubtedly less painful (because it is faster) than tweezing hair removal.

However, it is also less precise than hair removal with tweezers. Over time, waxing the eyebrows also tends to cause sagging skin on the upper eyelid.

It will be a shame to end up with droopy eyelids that would hide your pretty eyes, right?

Make up your eyebrows

Once your eyebrows are well maintained, to have perfect eyebrows, you still need to apply makeup.

Eyebrow makeup can fill in sparse lines, intensify them and redefine your natural line.

Use the Sublimabrow Eyebrow Pencil or a powder (to be used with an applicator brush) and apply it with a light touch from the inside of your eyebrow to the outside. The more you reach the outer area of ​​your eyebrows, the lighter your makeup should be.

Then get a small bottle brush and brush your eyebrows. This action will allow to distribute the material previously applied to obtain a natural effect.

To fix everything, consider using an eyebrow gel. It should be translucent if you've already applied eyebrow pencil. But it can also be tinted for a 2 in 1 action (light tinting and fixing).

Even though makeup and eyebrow maintenance seem pleasant, they require the adoption of a daily rhythm for a flawless finish. If you have thin, very light, or almost no eyebrows, it can even be a little tedious.

In this case, why not have recourse to a Eyebrow Tint?

What is an eyebrow tint?

Dyeing your eyebrows intensifies the look. It is ideal for light or graying eyebrows. With a slightly darker tone, it will make your eyes stand out more.

Obviously, dyeing your eyebrows is not to be taken lightly, and we recommend that you entrust your eyebrows to the hands of a professional beautician like those in our Workshops. Indeed, a poorly colored eyebrow can give a neglected appearance.

Find out here what color of eyebrows to choose according to those of your hair.

How to do an eyebrow tint?

While it is possible to dye your eyebrows at home with a suitable kit, it is also possible (and recommended for the first time) to do it in a specialized institute. At the Eyebrow Workshop, eyebrow tinting can be performed by one of our practitioners. Hair removal of the eyebrows is recommended before applying the dye, so that the result is uniform and it highlights your brow bone.

To avoid a skin reaction, the practitioner begins by making a diagnosis in order to define the color that suits you best, then she performs a test to verify that the coloring product will not cause any allergy.

Applied with an angled brush at the root of the eyebrow (at the inner end), the color is then stretched to the tip of the eyebrow.

We wait a bit, until the color takes on, then the practitioner ends up removing the excess product!

The eyebrow color lasts about 1 month. The dye, on the other hand, is resistant to makeup remover, water, heat and fatty substances.

What are the benefits of eyebrow tinting?

Coloring your eyebrows will give you a defined look even when you are not wearing makeup. No more bushy, graying, colorless brows. A professional application will guarantee you a very natural rendering. You will save time in the morning in your bathroom!

If you need to visualize the results of these dyes, feel free to check out beauty blogs. Many people who have tinted eyebrows on them, whether at home or in a salon, publish before and after.

So there is not necessarily a more opportune time than another. So you can consider eyebrow tinting at any time. So, convinced?

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