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Article: Eye contour pencil: Gems by Atelier du Sourcil

Eye contour pencil: Gems by Atelier du Sourcil

You cannot achieve beautiful makeup without applying the right makeup to your eyes.

You would risk the misstep for sure! So here you will find all our makeup advice for those who are wondering how to apply eye makeup on a daily basis as well as in the evening, or how to apply makeup to obtain a smoky look.

You will see that for a grandiose effect, the eye contour pencil Gems is essential.

The eye contour pencil, an essential

To obtain makeup that will make the difference, it is essential to be successful in applying makeup to the eyes. Not only does it attract the attention of those around you, but when done right, eye makeup also has a seductive and even hypnotizing effect.

The makeup you choose to do can be discreet. It will then serve to underline your gaze and to highlight it.

Usually used during the day, to stay at home or to go to your place of work; the discreet eye makeup can also be slightly intensified if you use eye liner.

Depending on your desires, the eye contour pencil used can then be white, brown or pastel, for example. It is often associated with "nude" shades for a "no makeup" effect.

For more sophisticated eye makeup, black is traditionally used. As a simple line under the eyes or as a star in smoky makeup, it highlights the look and color of your eyes.

The pharaohs had also understood long ago the power that a dark gaze could confer on the wearer ...

Like eyeliner, eye liner can create an optical illusion and correct eye shape. You can thus use it to transform eyes that are too round in almond….

Although it allows the same effect as an eyeliner, it is nevertheless more manageable and its handling is less risky. A small tracing error will be easier to catch up than a poorly made eyeliner stroke. The eye liner is also much easier to blend.

How to make up around your eyes?

For everyday natural makeup… ..

For a natural and discreet make-up that will still have a refreshing effect, the little make-up trick is to apply a line of white pencil to the lower lining of your eyelashes. Your little eyes on difficult mornings will then be camouflaged and you will immediately have the impression of having slept your 8 hours (visually of course) when reality will have been very different ...

Want to intensify your gaze even more, while giving it a natural look? Then use a brown eye pencil, not a black one, as the Eyeliner Gems from the Eyebrow Workshop. This shade of pencil is particularly suitable for blondes who will find in him the color of their eyebrows.

If you are applying an eye shadow in the brown shade, add a thin line in the upper lash line. It will then reinforce the effect of the mascara that you will apply afterwards.

Do not hesitate to apply the Black Upcils Mascara to create a very successful pencil-mascara combination.

Finally, you can double this sublimating effect by applying another very light pencil in the lower lash line, but this time from half of your eye outward to the corner to meet the upper line.

Lightly blend the applied pencil with a fine brush or a cotton swab.

For an evening make-up ...

For a doe look, the Black Onyx Gemstone Pencil is essential.

A few years ago it was still used to bring out the lightest eye color (brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes...). A black pencil should then be applied to the lower lining of his eyes.

Today, the black pencil is rather applied in lower or upper eyelashes to intensify and enlarge the look. To be applied in the same way as explained above, it can also be combined with glitter for a festive make-up.

The pinnacle of eye-contour makeup is of course the "smoky". Very popular at the moment in the world of cinema or television, we meet it in the biggest advertising spots (perfume and luxury goods) and on all red carpets.

The mastery of smoky makeup is a bit complex but you will find a lot of video makeup tutorial or other by doing some research on the internet.

And if you're still hesitating, consider booking a makeup lesson, don't hesitate! You will then be entitled to the valuable make-up tips and tricks of a professional make-up artist.

What is a good eye pencil?

Obviously to make up the eyes well, in addition to mastering the techniques of makeup, it is essential to use very good products.

To make a good smoky of the eyes you have to use a kohl pencil. Its fat fades easily, but it may tend to leak. Other make-up products exist, such as Eye Contour Pencils Gems The Eyebrow Workshop. Less fat than kohl pencils they are nevertheless very creamy and therefore easily manageable. They also have the advantage of having a long outfit and being waterproof. In addition to making great make-up with these pencils, they will last the whole evening.

Combined with a good looking make-up and a beautiful lipstick, this beautiful eye-contour makeup will become your daily make-up.

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