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Article: Beautiful for the weekend!

Beautiful for the weekend!

How to have curled eyelashes in minutes?

With the accessories and makeup products from Atelier du Sourcil, become a real makeup artist!

To curl your eyelashes in minutes, you need:






A little tip from our founder, Joss Devilleneuve, is to apply a coat of Browshape Clear Gel first. The fixer helps maintain the curled effect. Wait 20 seconds and use the Eyelash Curler.

The important question is how long do you keep the eyelashes in the tweezers? It depends on the natural thickness of your eyelashes. If you have thick eyelashes, you have to start over until you are satisfied. Twice is the average. On a thin eyelash, the operation may be faster. After a few seconds (between 20 and 40 seconds), you can apply the Upcil Mascara. When applied, stretch to the sides to accentuate the almond-shaped eye.

And to perfect the result, you can add some eyelash extensions which greatly beautify the eye:

For those who have opted for the Rehaucils, when it starts to fade, use the eyelash curler to prolong the effect. To you doe eye!

You can see a small video on the account of Joss Devilleneuve, our founder on her Instagram: @joss_ads

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