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Article: Semi-permanent make-up: the know-how of Atelier du Sourcil Paris

Semi-permanent make-up: the know-how of Atelier du Sourcil Paris

The eyebrows balance the harmony of the face.

Well-drawn and well-made eyebrows open the eyes. A beautiful semi-permanent makeup erases fatigue and structures expression. This service allows those who have sparse or non-existent eyebrows to find a harmonious and full line. For those lucky enough to have full eyebrows, this service brightens facial features and provides density and intensity.

Atelier du Sourcil was the first French brand to offer the manual method. Its founder Joss Devilleneuve Since 2006, has been training beauticians in this cutting-edge technique which requires precision and thoroughness. For several months, future technicians will discover the two techniques of this revolutionary method at the Atelier du Sourcil training center.

Microshading consists in reproducing a shading, it fills in the gaps and offers a natural and blended rendering.


Microblading consists in giving a similar effect to the hairs. The result is very natural.


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Personalized advice

At the end of an appointment, personalized advice will help define the most suitable technique. The choice of pigment shade is selected according to your skin tone. The eye-designer then prepares the color. From the darkest to the lightest skin, our range of pigments are suitable for all skin tones, hair and eyes.

The service varies between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

How to preserve my semi-permanent makeup?

Semi-permanent makeup will lighten in a variable way depending on your skin type, but never completely disappears. UV rays in contact with the skin, personal hygiene, age, and smoking can have an influence on the deterioration of color. Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is maintained regularly. The alteration of the color of the pigment is the signal to redo a touch-up in order to maintain the appropriate shade.

The stages of pigmentation

Our pigments are approved and meet European standards. The composition is accessible on the Atelier du Sourcil website:

Advice from Atelier du Sourcil

  • After restructuring, the combination of semi-permanent makeup on sparse areas will give your eyebrow a perfect line.
  • No water or makeup for 5 to 7 days
  • For a week after applying semi-permanent makeup, avoid the hammam, the swimming pool, and for 15 days UV rays and the sun which can alter the color of the pigment
  • Do not touch your eyebrows during the healing phase
  • In case of exposure after the healing phase, apply a total screen to the pigmented area


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