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Article: Eyebrow gel: the secret of intense gaze!

Eyebrow gel: the secret of intense gaze!

Use mascara and mascara to strengthen your eyebrows.

Why use eyebrow glue?

Mascara as mascara is an ideal solution for quick make-up and eyebrow redesign. It makes your eyebrows thicker and fuller and helps control rebellious hair. This eyebrow beautification is now an integral part of your daily beauty plan.


Choose a color browser shape gel from the eyebrow studio

stay Browser shape color gel Eyebrow studio is an ideal accessory that can strengthen and strengthen the fine eyebrows in one action. Thanks to its soft Mascara shaped mini brush, it's so simple that anyone can use it, even the latest makeup artist! Browshape color gel can naturally brush, tighten and fix eyebrows. They immediately thicken and don't look like cardboard.

Browshape color gel has two different colors:

  • Light yellow: this tone is especially suitable for light or golden hair
  • Smoky brown tone: This is for chestnut, dark chestnut and dark brown hair.

How to make up eyebrows with color cream?

Step 1: reconstruct the eyebrow curve

Before we go to the next step Eyebrow makeupHair removal is still important. It's important to find the right eyebrow curve that matches the shape and size of your face. Here are three steps to help you:

  • Brush your eyebrows with your nails-Yes. All long hair should be cut off with small round head scissors;
  • Then determine the inner end From your eyebrows-Yes. To do this, just imagine a vertical line from the bottom of the right nostril to the inner corner of the right eye, and draw a line on the eyebrow. Thirdly, any content beyond this feature must be deleted. It's the same with the left eyebrow;
  • Finally, determine the outer end of the eyebrow. Draw a vertical line from the bottom of the right nostril to the outer corner of the right eye. Take out the excess. Repeat for the left eyebrow.

Step 2: use sublimation eyebrow pencil to outline eyebrow shape

If your eyebrows are very sparse, or you want perfect eyebrows, follow this step, otherwise skip to step 3 below.

Take your clothes with you Sublimation eyebrow pencil Starting from the eyebrow workshop, draw a slight vertical stroke at the end of the eyebrow (on the nose side). Then draw a horizontal line to the angle of the eyebrow. From the tip of the brow to the corner of the brow, end with a slight horizontal stroke.

Step 3: apply browshape gel

Use the browser shape color brush to fade. Do it gently. Move the mascara brush back and forth over your eyebrows: in fact, this technique can lighten the color and make the eyebrows look more natural. If you want stronger eyebrows, don't hesitate to reexamine your eyebrows for more complex results.

Step 4: apply browshape transparent gel to fix the robe

stay Transparent browsing shape gel In the eyebrow studio, you can brush your eyebrows and fix them to the shape you want. Apply a little gel to your fingers or eyebrow brush and use it to smooth your eyebrows.

Step 5: Add a sparkling touch of light

To further enlarge your gaze, apply the Mineclat Corrective Mine Eyebrow Workshop, in a lighter tone than your skin, at the eyebrow arch. This illuminating touch is the perfect makeup product to enhance your eyebrow line.

And here are impeccable eyebrows, all you have to do is go to eye makeup! For an intense look, finish your make-up with a touch of mascara on your lashes and a dash of eyeliner.

What are the alternatives to eyebrow gel?

For those who don't have time to make up their eyebrows every morning, there is a solution that allows you to have long-made eyebrows without having to touch them up every day.

The micropigmentation or microblading is a semi-permanent make-up of the eyebrows. The duration is on average between 6 months and 1 year depending on the skin type. The result is very natural.

It is also possible to use only eyebrow pencil. The pencil is perfect for those looking for precision in their drawing.

How do you take care of your eyebrows?

  • Try as much as possible to keep the natural curve of your eyebrows. Better not to wax enough than too much! And bushy eyebrows are very trendy!;
  • If you use tweezers, catch the hair by removing it in the direction of the shoot, to prevent it from growing back in the opposite direction;
  • When you get home in the evening, remove your eyebrows with micellar water or a mild cleansing milk that doesn't attack your skin. Having clean eyebrows means keeping them healthy;
  • To promote eyebrow regrowth, occasionally apply castor oil to your hair with an eyebrow brush.


It's up to you with the perfect eyebrows all year round!

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