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Article: Men's eyebrows: how to pluck them?

Men's eyebrows: how to pluck them?

The eyebrows have a very important place on our face, they draw our expressions, highlight our eyes, structure the face and underline our strengths.

This is why it is important to take care of and remove hair properly, even when you are a man!

Take care of your eyebrows

Before taking the epilation step, know that there are actions and treatments to apply to your eyebrows on a daily basis, to help you magnify them.

You can perform circular massages on your eyebrows, using the Revitabrow conditioner. These massages help blood circulation, and this treatment helps to strengthen, energize and give a thicker and fuller appearance to the eyebrows.

If you want to stimulate the growth of your eyebrows, you can also use a treatment specifically designed for this purpose. The eyebrows, like the rest of our skin, are also sensitive to external aggressions, such as the sun, temperature changes and pollution. These can harm their health by accelerating their aging, and lead to eyebrows that seem tired, in loss of vitality, a decrease in growth.

To take care of them on a daily basis, it is therefore very important to protect them from the effects of the sun during prolonged exposure. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water and moisturize your eyebrows, like any other part of your face, with a moisturizer.

Also remember to favor a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, which will help preserve the beauty of your eyebrows. To do this, we recommend that you consume plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Finally, if you are putting on make-up, don't forget the makeup removal and exfoliation step, to rid your eyebrows of all impurities.

The right hair removal techniques

In order for the eyebrows to enhance your look and the harmony of your face, it is essential to pluck the eyebrows correctly and regularly.

The shape of your eyebrows will depend on the shape of your face, so you have to be very careful not to pluck them too thinly. It is much easier to remove eyebrows than to wait for them to grow back!

Proceed carefully, and make sure you keep the natural shape of your eyebrows as much as possible.

To succeed in this step, it is advisable to draw certain lines that will help you determine the start and end of your eyebrows.

Using a brush, join the nostril of your nose at the inner corner of your eye to your eyebrow: this is where the eyebrow should start, you can pluck the hairs that are outside this limit , towards your nose.

And for the end of the eyebrow, this time take as a benchmark the corner of your lips, and the outer corner of your eye. Once again, all you have to do is pluck the hairs on the outside of your eyebrow. This is a good technique for contouring your eyebrows without excessively plucking them.

For the shape of the eyebrow, make sure to follow it as naturally as possible, just remember that it is important to keep the beginning of the eyebrow thicker than the end, and that it is better to pluck the eyebrows below than above, for a much more natural result.

For successful eyebrow hair removal, tools are essential, and you will need to have effective tweezers. The Stylbrow tweezers high precision is a very practical accessory, it is specially designed for quick and easy eyebrow hair removal. In addition to allowing hair removal, it also has a comb side that will help you brush your eyebrows.

For smoother hair removal, it is best to do this step after showering, as heat helps to make it easier for the hair to be removed from the pores of the skin. To avoid pain, take care to stretch your skin, and wax the lashes in the direction of the shoot.

For the less skilled among you, we advise you to make an appointment directly in the Eyebrow Workshop if you prefer to entrust the hair removal of your eyelashes to a beautician.

However, it is strongly discouraged to wax the eyebrows with a razor, as shaving the eyebrows could produce bad regrowth and ingrown hairs.

When this hair removal is complete, no matter its shape, apply a moisturizer to the areas reddened by hair removal, this will eliminate redness more quickly from the waxed skin.

Eyebrow hair removal gives the male face a neat look by ordering the eyebrows. It is ideal for accentuating the look while giving it character. It helps structure the face, and will be easy to maintain afterwards.

How do you sublimate your eyebrows when you're a man?

Once the hair removal is complete, there are still a few steps left to get perfect eyebrows. You can come and fill the spaces in your sparse eyebrows by using make-up, in the form of a pencil, and then come and fix them so that they stay in place all day thanks to the Browshape transparent fixing gel. This accessory will help you brush, sculpt and fix your eyebrows in an ultra-precise way without any excess material. Ideal to structure his gaze without feminizing it.

Finally, if you want to have a nice, well-defined eyebrow line as soon as you wake up, the semi-permanent eyebrow makeup could be the solution. This method ensures a neutral result and can be adapted to male eyebrows. To do this, it is more a priority to correct the shape of your eyebrows and asymmetries rather than draw a clean line as is done in women. Natural result assured!

Gentlemen, with all these tricks, hair removal will no longer have a secret for you! All you have to do is choose the hair removal method that suits you the most, and you're done!

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