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Article: Eyebrow feather, we adopt or not?

Eyebrow feather, we adopt or not?

Artistic make-up is on the rise on Instagram! Focus on the trend that attacks your eyebrows: here are the "Feather brows", that is, the feather eyebrows.

Whether it is to enhance your natural eyebrows or to achieve a simple but sophisticated makeup, feather eyebrows will seduce you.

Where did the feather eyebrow trend come from?

At the root of this phenomenal buzz is Finnish professional makeup artist Stella Sironen. For several years now, she has been sharing her beauty treatments on Instagram with her 81,000 subscribers. Stella Sironen reveals her talents as a make-up artist through chiseled, colored or natural make-up and also practices body art. Many relate Stella Sironen’s creations to true works of art. And indeed, the young woman never ceases to question the implicit rules of makeup, while achieving impressive technical feats.

The result of a make-up session that turned into a game, the famous "feather brows" succeed in combining the beauty of natural eyebrows and the expert helping hand of Stella Sironen. If this influencer and makeup artist launched the hashtag #featherbrows at the same time as she unveiled this look on her social networks, she had no idea how big her Instagram post was going to take.

Who is this makeup trend for?

Want to get up to speed and embrace the feather eyebrow trend? To achieve this eyebrow makeup, it is better to have fairly full eyebrows. People with thinner eyebrows may also join the followers of this movement, but they will still need to arm themselves with a eyebrow pencil or a eyebrow gel-cream to properly define their features and make them fuller.

To wear the feather eyebrow, you don't need to have the artistic talents of Stella Sironen! The popularity of "feather brows" can be explained in large part by the bewildering ease of their implementation. Anyone can get the famous feather eyebrow!

How to get the feather eyebrow?

In order to achieve this make-up perfectly, you need to separate your eyebrows into two distinct halves. You can use a bottle brush to complete this step. The goal is to show a horizontal line that crosses your eyebrow from side to side. You can accentuate this line with a illuminator pencilr, to reinforce the artistic side of this makeup.

If they are scarce, now is the time to use your eyebrow pencil to add dimension to your line. Using more or less pressure, depending on the intensity of the desired pigmentation, draw your eyebrows one by one. For a more polished finish, prefer eyebrow gel-cream and apply it using an angled brush. This will ensure you get very precise strokes.

Then style your eyebrows, taking care to separate them from each other, to give them a full effect. For this, you can bring your bottle brush or a tinted eyebrow gel. This gel will allow you to easily discipline your eyebrows, and give them the shape you want quickly while adding volume.

Now you have to fix everything! If Stella Sironen said she used glue to set her eyebrow makeup, go for a transparent fixing gel specially formulated for your eyebrows, for easier make-up removal that is more respectful of your skin. It will also ensure that your makeup lasts longer, especially if you lead a hectic active life!

You can also spruce up your look with a dash ofeyeliner, for sophisticated makeup. To open up and intensify your gaze, apply one to several coats of mascara.

Why is the Instagram Brow phenomenon so appealing?

It is very important to display beautiful eyebrows since they define the structure of the gaze. A well-worked brow line instantly enhances your gaze and intensifies it. This is why you must take special care in maintaining your eyebrows, whether at home using a tweezers or in a specialized institute to define with professionals which eyebrow line would best suit the shape of your face. You can also enhance your eyebrows on a daily basis with makeup, either with a tinted gel or with an eyebrow pencil.

The world of makeup has been evolving for a few years now, thanks to social networks, which allow more and more professional or self-proclaimed makeup artists to give free rein to their creativity. Today, makeup is no longer just a way to enhance the natural beauty of facial features, but also a form of artistic expression.

Whether you adhere to "feather brows" or not, the feather eyebrow trend is emerging as a way to unite tens of thousands of people around a common passion. Through this makeup technique, Stella Sironen has also made a whole facet of artistic makeup accessible to her subscribers, and has established herself as a real source of inspiration on a daily basis for all audiences.

What do you think of the feather brows makeup trend? Do you want to adhere to it and make up your eyebrows the Stella Sironen way, whether it's everyday or as part of an artistic make-up?

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