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Article: Well-being gift: treatments to enhance your look

Well-being gift: treatments to enhance your look

Do you want to give a birthday, Christmas or party gift? And why not choose a treatment to enhance your eyes?

Take care of your eyes at Atelier du Sourcil

When we talk about salon treatment, we very rarely think about the possibility of taking care of our eyes. And yet: the eyes are the highlight of your face. In other words, highlighting your eyes is very important to sporting a radiant complexion on a daily basis. Certain makeup techniques or certain treatments can help you enhance your look. Discover those offered by Atelier du Sourcil.

What permanent care for a glance of embers?

The treatments offered by Atelier du Sourcil are an excellent gift idea for Mother's Day, Grandmother's Day, Valentine's Day, but also Father's Day. Men too can benefit from it and greatly appreciate being pampered.

Atelier du Sourcil offers a large number of treatments, perfect for illuminating your eyes. These treatments can meet all your needs and all requests, depending on the weather and the desired effect on your eyes. Check out these:

  • For make-up fans who lack time on a daily basis, the salon allows you to make a semi-permanent makeup, very useful to save time, to highlight your eyes thanks to a permanent line of liner, and allow you to stay beautiful and makeup at all times! You can agree on the shape of your liner, depending on the size and shape of your eyes, so that it emphasizes your eyes. For an ultra-natural result and to give depth to your eyes, prefer the short eyelash.
  • If you wish, you can also do a make-upsemi-permanent of your eyebrows, an ideal technique for draw your look. Semi-permanent makeup on a sparse area will give your eyebrow a perfect line.
  • Within the institute, you can also do pluck your eyebrows, an essential treatment to enhance your eyes. The eyebrows structure our face, so it is very important to pluck them regularly. To accentuate the latter, take advantage of a restructuring of your eyebrows. Meticulous work done with tweezers which allows you to have a beautiful line, whatever the morphology of your face.
  • For a totally glamorous effect, eyelashes are undoubtedly your lethal weapon. Atelier du Sourcil offers permanent mascara, but also the laying of eyelashes by bangs, or some eyelash extensions, which have an impressive effect on your eyes. Your eyelashes can also be dyed if you find them too light, or after a Rehaucils. This technique will help your lashes to gain length while taking care of them, without breaking them.

How to further enhance your gaze?

Revitalash Advanced treatment. And if you want to take extra care of your eyes, Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner Serum will help you regain fuller, thicker lashes within weeks. The ingredients such as biotin, green tea, Ginseng or even vitamin B contained in this treatment, will help you to magnify your eyelashes.

Ricigel from Atelier du Sourcil, will take care of your eyelashes by moisturizing them. Organic and based on castor oil, it will moisturize your eyelashes night and day.

Eye makeup. There are a multitude of products to enhance your look. For example, to hide your dark circles and bring out the color of your eyes and eyebrows, the Minéclat Correcting Mine will be a very effective ally. This 2 in 1 pencil is perfect for regaining a naturally illuminated gaze.

You can also apply eyeshadow, draw your eyebrows or apply an eyeliner to your eyelid for a sought-after doe-eye effect. Mascara is also an essential, which highlights the look and will finish any makeup. Some of these steps may be set aside if you have chosen one of the permanent care offered by the Eyebrow Workshop.

Creams and beauty products. Never forget to remove your eyes and eyebrows every night. Once your eyes are perfectly rid of any type of make-up, it is highly recommended to apply an eye contour cream in the morning and evening, which will nourish the skin and combat its drying out. Anti-wrinkle creams will also help to combat the signs of skin aging, which can appear very early on the eyes, and age your face considerably. For maximum benefit, it is advisable to place your eye cream in the fridge. This will give it a decongestant effect, which will help to reduce the appearance of the under-eye pockets and dark circles.

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