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Article: My skin in summer: tanning, friend or foe for my eyebrows?

My skin in summer: tanning, friend or foe for my eyebrows?

Dyeing or permanent eyebrow makeup saves considerable time in the bathroom on a daily basis. However, you should know that it is necessary to take care of it. To do this, it is essential to take care not to expose them too much to the sun's rays. Find out why below.

Just like the hair or the body, the face also needs to be protected from the sun. To tan safely, most of us don't forget to apply sunscreen to our cheeks, shoulders and forehead. However, some tend to skip the eyebrow area, which can also be affected in the event of too extreme exposure. And, even if this part is not forgotten, it is important not to expose it to the sun or even try to tan it. Through this article, discover the reasons why people with tattooed eyebrows should be particularly careful.

Newly tattooed: be careful in the sun

This is one of the main pieces of advice given by dermographers at the end of an eyebrow micropigmentation service: “Be careful not to expose yourself to the sun for a minimum of three months” . This advice could not be clearer, but to better follow it, it is essential to know the causes. In fact, a recently performed eyebrow tattoo is an open wound, therefore prone to infections. And, who says sun also says perspiration. So, by avoiding exposure to UV rays and the excessively intense heat that goes with it, you will reduce the risk of infections due to perspiration. And, the sun can also have a detrimental effect on healing because prolonged exposure can sting or even burn the affected area.

So let's avoid sunburn on tattooed eyebrows because in addition to being painful, they are far from aesthetic. Indeed, UV rays can cause blisters, cracks, peeling, but also swelling...

You will have understood, no more tanning during the days following your permanent eyebrow makeup . This, even when applying a sunscreen with a maximum protection index. This is important information to be aware of before you get started.

Tattooed elders: be careful with the ink

For old micropigmentations, there is no need to worry about the healing phase. But the cause for concern lies elsewhere... And it lies in the durability of the pigments . Indeed, the latter react particularly well to UV rays and are therefore likely to change and see their color alter during exposure to the sun. It is a risk of irreversible change, and of course visible, which must be taken into account.

But if you have no other choice than to expose yourself to the sun, know that the best way to maintain the original state of your eyebrow dermopigmentation is to opt for high sun protection . Therefore choose a sunscreen with a high SPF 50 index. You will apply it to your entire face while focusing on the eyebrow area. This way, your eyebrow micropigmentation will be more likely to maintain its radiance over the years .

Otherwise, you may end up with bluish, orange or even gray eyebrows. Everything obviously depends on the ink used by the demographer at the time of micropigmentation.

How to keep your micropigmentation away from the sun?

If you spend your vacation on a heavenly beach with very few shaded areas, it is not always easy to protect your eyebrow dermopigmentation from the sun. So, in addition to the full screen, don't hesitate to opt for a cap or hat to protect your eyebrows. It should also be noted that parasols should not be neglected for greater efficiency.

What about henna eyebrows?

If, unlike micropigmentation, no ink is implanted in the dermis during a henna tattoo, it is still essential to protect yourself from the sun when you want to get colors.

Why will you tell me? Quite simply to avoid sunburn.

Otherwise, no problem arises for henna pigmented eyebrows with moderate exposure to UV rays. Be careful when tanning too intensely, because the risk is not only to make the henna disappear more quickly with perspiration , but also to end up with a lighter mark at the eyebrow level when the henna fades from this area. . And this will be noticed immediately, especially in case of sparse eyebrows. In conclusion, regarding henna eyebrows: avoid exposing yourself to the sun to ensure their longevity!

You will have understood from this article: whatever the situation, it is essential to protect yourself from the sun, even if you want to tan. When doing micropigmentation of your eyebrows, you must realize that this tattoo must be maintained to keep its color , shape and intensity. And, for this, the sun is unfortunately not an ally, quite the contrary…

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