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Article: 4 simple techniques to get real fake freckles

4 simple techniques to get real fake freckles

Long a source of complexity for some, freckles have enjoyed real success for several months. This, until s ' impose as a true sign of beauty. So, for all those who ' didn't have the chance to ' have it naturally, know that ' there are tips for creating fake ones, which ' they are temporary or permanent.

It seems distant, even very distant, the time when freckles were defined, by some, as signs of facial imperfection. While some would always dream of seeing these little pigment spots disappear , others would like to have them at all costs, even if it means creating them themselves. Many personalities and influencers have also given in to the fashion for real false freckles, whether done at home or by a professional. Through this article, find out how to trace it from home, or through a professional.

The makeup pencil for real fake freckles

Fake freckles are so fashionable that there are now makeup pencils specially invented for drawing them from home . But, they are not available at all points of sale. So, if you can't find one near you, know that there is still an alternative accessory available almost everywhere and at a lower cost: the eyebrow pencil . For the most natural result, you must obviously ensure that the mine is perfectly cut in order to draw points similar to real freckles.

But how to draw them yourself? First, you just need to mark very light points where you want your spots to appear (generally, there are more of them around the nose and cheekbones). Then, you will blur these marks by gently dabbing on them using a makeup sponge. As you will have understood, you will need to be patient and dexterous, but we guarantee that the result will be worth it.

Mascara for Fake Freekles that are more real than life

Your mascara has run its course and you want to know how to recycle it? Well, all you have to do is collect and then clean the brush to make it a real essential for creating fake freckles. To do this, the process is simple:

1 - Take a tiny bit of eyeshadow of an ideal color with your brush to create your spots.

2 - Tap it on the areas where you want your marks to appear. This gesture is obviously carried out as a final touch to your makeup of the day.

3 - Fade excessively intense marks by adding a little bit of loose powder to your face, always gently.

Henna, the method for a temporary effect

For those who want a result over several days, henna can be a solution. To do this, you will need to select a natural brown henna and use a toothpick, or any instrument with a fine enough tip to ensure precise marking . On perfectly hydrated skin, you need to apply a very small amount of product, then let it dry for a few minutes before removing the excess using a damp cotton pad.

If the result is visible for several days or even weeks, you can fade it using a gentle exfoliation of your skin.

Permanent makeup for long-lasting fake freckles

If you don't want to create your freckles yourself, or if you want to avoid having to apply makeup every morning, you can simply opt for micropigmentation. Like eyebrow dermopigmentation or permanent lip makeup , real false freckles can be done by a beautician specializing in permanent makeup.

With it, you will select the color of the pigment that will best suit your skin tone , but also the location of the freckles, their number and their intensity. It is then using a fine, sterilized, single-use needle that the practitioner will create real false freckles for you. For a more realistic result, the beautician will distribute the freckles unevenly. The duration of the service differs depending on the professional but never exceeds one hour.

Please note: Please note that the result and color may be different from one person to another. After your service, be aware that small swellings may appear in the area where the freckles were tattooed. To reduce their appearance, all you need to do is apply a healing cream and avoid any actions that could be aggressive for your skin such as: scrub, exfoliation or even a beauty mask.

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