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Article: Eyebrow waxing: 7 mistakes to absolutely avoid

Eyebrow waxing: 7 mistakes to absolutely avoid

This n It 's no secret that correctly shaped eyebrows help structure a face. They are what allows you to highlight the look and ' express our expressions as best as possible. It is therefore very important to ' take care of them and not neglect them , ' where l the importance of ' worked and meticulous hair removal.

A perfectly defined eyebrow shape enhances the look and best conveys emotions . But, not everyone is born with the nimble fingers of a beautician to have a beautiful eyebrow shape that will stick perfectly to the structure of our face . It is therefore essential to know as best as possible the mistakes to avoid when the time comes to remove hair. No more shapes that are too asymmetrical, too thin, too thick or even hair that no longer grows back . Through this article, discover the 7 most common mistakes to absolutely ban from your hair removal habits.

1 - Do not prepare your skin and hair

Eyebrow waxing can be an irritating procedure for the skin and traumatic for the hair . It is therefore important to prepare them. To do this, you will need to exfoliate before each of your sessions. This habit will allow you to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs which can subsequently be unpleasant, very painful and unsightly on your face. The reason ? They promote the appearance of pimples.

2 – Pluck your eyebrows too frequently

We all know that moment when we find ourselves in front of a mirror, and we notice that a few hairs have made a comeback on our eyebrows. Unfortunately, if some have the patience to wait for the next hair removal session to get over it, others cannot resist the call of the tweezers , or even the fingers to try to remove it. to tear out. Know that this is a habit to be banned. For what ? Because poorly plucked hair risks growing back in an unsightly manner, and you can then end up with eyebrows going in all directions, preventing you from having an impeccably shaped eyebrow shape.

3 – Imitate another person’s eyebrow shape

Does your colleague/sister/neighbor have an eyebrow line that you like and you want to create the same shape? Just know that your face is certainly not made to have the same structure as so-and-so. The reason is simple: to have eyebrows that will highlight your eyes , they must be worked according to the shape of your face or the location of your eyes. To determine the structure you need, do not hesitate to call a beautician and tell them about your preferences (thick, thin eyebrows, etc.). The latter will be able to find you a unique shape that will suit you perfectly.

4 – Use old tweezers

Have you had your luminous tweezers for several years and don't see the point in buying a new one? Please be aware that even tweezers age, become damaged and lose their effectiveness over time. If you use a utensil that is of its age, be aware that there is a risk of pulling out the hair , or even irritating your skin. These factors can promote the appearance of ingrown hairs, pimples and small redness on the surface of your skin.

5 – Seek perfect symmetry

Few faces are perfectly symmetrical. We all have one eye more open than the other, one eyebrow line higher than the other, or slightly different structures. So, you will never be able to create perfect symmetry in the shape of your eyebrows . By seeking perfection, you risk over-plucking one part, and having nothing as a result other than completely different lines. So know how to stop when you need to.

6 – Poorly positioning the arch of your eyebrows

The arch is the point where the eyebrow curves. It is therefore very important to position it correctly . If the ideal is to preserve your natural arch, some professionals still recommend placing it more or less two-thirds of the hairs on your line. In which case, poor positioning will risk aging your face . For the most appropriate construction, do not hesitate to call on an aesthetic professional who will be able to draw you an eyebrow line that will match your facial features.

7 – Do not go to the beautician

With habit, more and more of us are removing our own hair, which is a big mistake. Indeed, it is important to pass into the hands of professionals who will take care of eyebrow hair removal and its maintenance . The reasons ? They will reduce the risk of skin irritation and prevent any change in shape while giving you valuable advice on how to take care of it between two sessions.

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