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Article: Microblading or microshading: which method should you choose for permanent makeup?

Microblading or microshading: which method should you choose for permanent makeup?

Microblading and microshading are two completely different permanent makeup techniques, yet many of us confuse them. Focus on these two revolutionary methods created to beautify and sustainably flesh out the natural shape of our eyebrows.


The fashion for full, thick eyebrows has allowed permanent makeup to become one of the biggest beauty trends of our generation. There are two eyebrow micropigmentation techniques: microblading and microshading. If both allow you to harmonize the shape of the eyebrows over the long term, beautify the look and correct asymmetries, these methods offer a completely different result. If, however, you do not know which service to choose, this article should help you make your choice.

What is microblading?

 Microblading is an ancestral pigmentation technique originating from Asia which consists of imitating eyebrow hairs using pigments placed under the superficial layers of the skin. The ultra-fine line allows you to discreetly fill in sparse eyebrows. With this practice, the professional, called a dermographer, manually fills and thickens the natural line of the eyebrows, all with the help of a metallic pen, nano needles and permanent ink specifically dedicated to this service.

What are the benefits of microblading?

If microblading has been able to seduce a large number of women around the world, it is thanks to the “hair to hair” design which blends perfectly into the structure of the eyebrow, going so far as to create a subtle trompe l'effect. eye in its shape. This method can be preferred for people wishing to fill in sparse eyebrows while having a stunningly natural result.

Is microblading painful?

Everything obviously depends on your sensitivity and the gentleness of the professional who performs the service, but generally microblading is painless. A great feeling of discomfort can still be felt during the session.

What are the specific contraindications to microblading?

Microblading is not recommended for women with oily skin, as excess oil will tend to dilute the pigment. During the healing phase, the hair-to-hair effect will not last and the permanent ink may spread on your eyebrows.

Who should consider microblading?

Due to its “hair-to-hair” effect result, microblading is recommended for any client wanting a natural result that is barely perceptible to the naked eye. It is ideal in the following cases:

  • If you have thinning eyebrows
  • If you want a discreet result
  • If you do not want a makeup effect on your eyebrows

What is microshading?

Just like microblading, microshading is a method of dermopigmentation, but the technique and the rendering are very distinct. The goal of microshading is to add intensity to your eyebrows by creating a powdery, gradient shading similar to that of a makeup pencil. Carried out using an electric machine, this practice allows you to reshape the line of your eyebrows, give them a fuller appearance and intensely restructure your look using micro-needles.

What are the advantages of microshading?

Microshading penetrates less deeply into the dermis of the skin, so its result is more airy than that of microblading. This technique saves all makeup enthusiasts time every morning without having to use any pencil. For those who are used to hair removal done at home, drawing the shape of the eyebrow will give a precise indication of the hairs to be removed. And to conclude, this restructuring technique is most suitable for people with oily or dry skin.

Is microshading painful?

This practice is in the category of the gentlest methods in permanent eyebrow makeup . Applying microneedles into the dermis of the skin does not cause intense pain given their small depth.

What are the specific contraindications to microshading?

The service is not recommended for anyone with irritated skin as they risk having a bad reaction during the service.

Who should consider microshading?

Microshading offers a gradient and powdery result allowing eyebrows to appear fuller and fuller. It is perfect for women who are used to applying eyebrow makeup every day, and for those who want to have a lasting, intensified look.

What should we do if we are interested in both techniques?

Difficult to make a choice when both methods seem to suit us. But don't panic, for those who can't choose, know that there is a technique called “mixed eyebrows” which perfectly combines microblading and microshading to guarantee the rendering of a drawn and natural eyebrow. L'Atelier du Sourcil also offers this service in its workshops.

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