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Article: Bags under the eyes: how to deflate them?

Bags under the eyes: how to deflate them?

A short night  ? You've had your eyes glued to a screen for too long  ? Or you have accumulated too many activities without giving yourself time to rest? It can happen that some mornings are more difficult than others , and that our fatigue is visible with, sometimes, the appearance of bags under the eyes. So if they can be caused by exhaustion, they can also be linked to age or even heredity . Whatever the cause , find out now how to fix it.

Bags under the eyes are sometimes a sign of a lifestyle that could be improved , whether it concerns diet, fatigue, stress, tobacco or alcohol. They can also appear through heredity. Therefore, some people are more predisposed than others to have them.

Just like dark circles, bags can be caused by poor blood circulation , water retention, or a movement of fatty tissues that are stored under the eye. But don't panic, there are many tips to deflate them and thus beautify the eyes . Through this article, find out how to make bags under the eyes disappear quickly. Hoping that one day they will be nothing more than a bad memory.

Take care of your lifestyle and sleep

To be in great shape, a person needs at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Something that is difficult to imagine when you have an active lifestyle . But if you want to look good, you'll have to do it. Combine this with a healthy diet, where foods containing saturated fats or high doses of salt are avoided, and you will see a big evolution.

Eye massage for better blood circulation

What's better than a good massage to look refreshed ? This time it is not a back massage to relax, but an eye massage. To do this, simply massage your pockets gently from the inside to the outside. This gesture will be useful for relaunching the lymphatic system and activating the drainage of the water contained inside. Combine this gesture with an eyelash lift and you will display a look full of vitality.

The cold: a major ally

To see your bags reduce in volume , you can use ice cubes that you apply directly to the area to be treated. Their low temperature will stimulate blood circulation and allow them to deflate gently. Combine your application with a massage and watch your bags disappear little by little.

If you don't have ice, simply place two teaspoons in your fridge. After a few hours, you can apply them to your eyes.

Green tea: the almost essential tip

We know the benefits of green tea for the body, the skin and even the hair, but it also has anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties useful for deflating bags under the eyes. To do this, simply prepare an infusion, then let it cool for a few minutes in the fridge. Once cooled, you can place your preparation on your closed eyes for almost 10 minutes.

Application of a specific cream

There are many decongestant creams on the market created specifically for the eye area . For their application, it is recommended to perform light tapping over the entire area to be treated. Follow this gesture with a very light eye massage and that’s it.

Cornflower water: a powerful decongestant

It is among the reference decongestant products: it is cornflower floral water. In addition to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, cornflower water is an effective weapon against puffiness, but also dark circles. It is applied using a compress or cotton soaked on the eyes for a minimum of 5 minutes. For optimal effect, it is recommended to store it in the refrigerator before application .

Little extra -> Thanks to its healing action, cornflower floral water can be applied perfectly after eyebrow dermopigmentation or even permanent lip makeup .

Remove makeup before bed

There are times when fatigue prevents us from removing our makeup just before going to bed. Know that this is one of the habits, which can be the cause of a tired look , to be completely banned from your daily life. To prevent puffiness, it is important to remove makeup and clean your face. For what ? Thanks to this new habit, you will eliminate the impurities accumulated throughout the day. This will prevent obstructions that dull the skin, which will then be able to breathe better. This will drastically reduce the risk of swollen eyes.

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