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Article: 6 bad habits that destroy your eyelashes

6 bad habits that destroy your eyelashes

Just like eyebrows, eyelashes are essential for an open and vibrant look. Weakened and unhealthy eyelashes often go hand in hand with poor appearance and tired appearance. To avoid this, it is important to know the actions to completely avoid from our beauty routine. 

Well-groomed eyelashes are essential to a pretty look, yet very few women pay real attention to them. Worse still, many neglect them by making a series of bad gestures or by overusing mascara . This is especially true since eyelashes are among the most fragile facial hairs because their bulb is not implanted deeply in the skin. A nature that makes them sensitive to falls. This is why it is important to know how to pamper them, and above all, what gestures to ban from our daily lives. 


Mistake #1: Forgetting to remove makeup 

We have all been faced with those late evenings that are so exhausting that we forget, or are too lazy, to remove our makeup when we get home. So know this: whether for your skin or your eyes, keeping your makeup on at night is very harmful . In addition to the risks of spots, aging of the skin or redness, every woman who forgets to remove her makeup can see her eyelashes fall out overnight. Ladies, don't forget to remove your makeup when you get home if you want to display doe eyes for as long as possible . 


Mistake #2: Removing makeup too hard 

While removing makeup has become a habit for most women, many do it far too aggressively. In fact, some people do not hesitate to rub their eyelashes intensely to see the mascara disappear. Please note that eyelashes are very sensitive, so you have to go gently. To best remove the last residue of makeup on your eye, simply use a cotton pad and a specialized eye makeup remover product. Next, you will need to press the soaked cotton on your eyelashes for at least 3 minutes before removing the last traces of mascara. 


Mistake #3: Using expired mascara 

Few know it, but cosmetic products also have their expiration date. In addition to losing their effectiveness, using expired products, such as mascara, in your makeup routine exposes you to several risks such as drying or weakening of the eyelashes. It is therefore essential to check the expiry date of any product before purchasing it. 


Mistake #4: Forgetting to take care of your eyelashes 

Although their location area is very small, you should know that eyelashes also need pampering. Eh yes ! Makeup, lack of sleep or even pollution can have a real impact on their health and thus cause their fall. If you notice that your eyelashes are losing volume and intensity, do not hesitate to apply, at least once a week, castor, coconut or even argan type oils. You can also complete your care routine with Revitalash eyelashes , designed to grow and enhance the appearance of eyelashes while nourishing and strengthening them. 


Mistake 5: Rubbing your eyes too often 

We don't realize it most of the time, but rubbing your eyes can be a real attack on your eyelashes. To avoid damaging the hair follicle , it is therefore recommended to pass a cotton ball (or a cotton swab) soaked in physiological serum over your eye from time to time. 


Mistake 6: Regularly using waterproof mascara 

Waterproof mascara has established itself on the makeup market as one of the essential products in the world of eye beauty, thanks to its resistance to tears, sweat, swimming and even rain. However, this drying product is not good for the eyelashes and could even cause them to fall out. 

Furthermore, waterproof mascara is much more difficult to remove than any other. It is therefore likely to encourage aggressive makeup removal . However, the use of water-resistant mascara should not be completely avoided. It can be used occasionally, such as during major events for example. But the rest of the time, it is preferable to use traditional products, which are gentler on the eyelashes. 


Little bonus: Check the condition of the eyelashes regularly 

Many of us give in to the temptation of Russian volume eyelash extensions , eyelash tinting or even eyelash enhancement . Although very aesthetic, these must be punctual because they can weaken the eyelashes. Remember to monitor the condition of your eyelashes regularly . If these are damaged, you will need a break of several weeks before carrying out these treatments again. 

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