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Article: How to avoid losing your eyelashes when removing makeup?

How to avoid losing your eyelashes when removing makeup?

Mascara is the best ally for anyone who wants to have a doe look in just a few seconds. But when it comes time to remove makeup, it can also be our worst enemy. The reason ? It can be responsible for the loss of our eyelashes.

It is important to know the right actions to take care of your skin. For all those who are used to makeup, and particularly mascara, it is essential to know how to remove makeup gently to avoid the risk of irritation, redness, swelling or even loss of eyelashes. The eye contour being a particularly sensitive area, it must be treated with great care and delicacy. Through this article, discover the simplest tips for learning how to remove makeup, all without putting a strain on your eyelashes.

Use a special eye makeup remover

Most use the same products to remove makeup from their eyes and the rest of their face. Know that this is a big mistake. There are many specific eye products that help avoid damaging the sensitive area around the eyes, especially when the mascara is waterproof. They thus ensure gentle and rapid make-up removal thanks to two-phase or oil-based formulas which will dissolve and absorb the most stubborn inks. Result: we avoid the most intense friction which damages and causes eyelashes to fall out.

What to do when you don't have makeup remover?

Have you forgotten to restock your specific eye makeup remover? Don't panic, the solution could well be in your kitchen. Indeed, coconut oil or olive oil are two vegetable oils known for their makeup-removing and gentle properties for the skin and eyes. To use them best, simply pour a few drops onto a cotton pad, then gently pass it over your eyelids. Their oily formula will dissolve the mascara gently. The only obligation: remove excess oil by cleansing your face afterwards.

Adopt the right actions for long-lasting full eyelashes

Many people, to remove makeup effectively, rub their eyes more often to remove the last traces of mascara. This habit should be avoided because it pulls on your eyelashes and encourages them to fall out. So, to avoid calling a beautician for eyelash extensions intended to hide potential loss, know that gentle movements for removing makeup are also very effective. The correct method is to make movements from the inside to the outside of your eye, from the base of your eyelashes to their tips. It is also possible to favor gentle tapping which will allow eye makeup to be removed without traumatizing either your eyelashes or your skin.

Soak a cotton pad with makeup remover

Another tip: press your cotton pad soaked in makeup remover on your eyelashes for several seconds. This gesture will dilute your mascara and avoid friction, whether intense or gentle. One less attack on your eyelashes. This will allow you to keep them full for as long as possible, but also to avoid the risk of irritation to your eyelids. Finally, it is essential to use the clean sides of a cotton pad to remove makeup. Otherwise, you risk redepositing impurities on your eyelashes and around the eyes.

Cleanse your face after removing makeup

It is important to know that removing makeup does not in any way replace cleansing the skin. Make-up remover products must be rinsed from the surface of your skin. The reason ? They contain detergents that can seriously damage the skin, but also irritate your eyelashes. Which will cause their downfall. You can therefore clean your skin and your eyelashes with a cleanser adapted to your face. To gently rinse your eyes, simply moisten a cotton pad and gently pass it over each eye.

Obligatory action: moisturize your eyelashes after removing make-up to avoid the risk of falling out

We often forget it, yet this gesture is essential for the good health of the eyelashes. After removing makeup and cleansing your skin and eyes, it is important to provide your eyelashes with the hydration and nutrition that will allow them to remain healthy.

What should I do if my eyelashes no longer grow back?

Have you had a series of bad make-up removal procedures and your eyelashes are struggling to grow back? Don't panic, know that there is a very effective product to overcome your complex, even before opting for eyelash extensions. In fact, Revitalash eyelashes acts against eyelash loss and promotes their regrowth thanks to an intense hydration formula which will strengthen them.

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