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Article: Enhancers, eyelash tinting, semi-permanent mascara: what are the differences?

Enhancers, eyelash tinting, semi-permanent mascara: what are the differences?

Because putting on makeup every day can be painful for some, there are now techniques that allow you to curl your eyelashes for several weeks, giving them length and volume. Through this article, discover what Réhaucils, eyelash tinting and semi-permanent mascara are. Revolutionary methods.

Are you tired of your traditional eyelash curler and mascara? Doing your eye makeup and removing it take too much time ? Or you don't dare take the step of Russian volume eyelash extensions ? So, you need to discover the benefits of rehaucils, eyelash tinting and semi-permanent mascara. Carried out mainly in institutes, these methods of beautifying the eyes continue to attract new clients. 

Rehaucils for long, curled eyelashes 

     Officially say goodbye to the traditional eyelash curler and make way for a stable and effective technique to permanently accentuate the curve of your eyelashes : Rehaucils. This flagship technique from L'Atelier du Sourcil allows you to lift the hairs from the root to give the impression of volume. No more need for curling mascara since Rehaucil offers a completely natural result for several weeks. 

    But it is important to know that Rehaucils provides a very different result from one person to another. The reason ? The result depends on several basic factors, whether they concern the length, health and natural volume of the eyelashes. 

    Little extra: For an even more wow-worthy look, Rehaucils can be done perfectly with eyelash tinting. 

    Who is Rehaucils for?

    Rehaucils is recommended for all people with unruly eyelashes wishing to have a curvature and volume effect on their natural eyelashes. 

    How does a Rehaucils session take place? 

    The duration of a session obviously depends on the expertise of the technician who will provide the service, but on average, you will need to plan between 30 minutes to 1 hour for an appointment. 

    Just after explaining the session to you, you will see the beautician place a silicone patch on your eyelid in order to isolate the upper eyelashes . The professional will then apply no less than two products to your eyelashes. The first will serve to soften them, the second will accentuate their curvature. Generally speaking, Rehaucils has an average lifespan of 6 weeks. This allows customers to temporarily part with their eyelash curler. 

    Eyelash tinting to gain intensity

      As the name suggests, eyelash tinting aims to color the eyelashes , just like some tend to do with hair coloring. If the color of the eyelash tint can be chosen by the client, the most popular remains black or even brown . Tints provide a denser, fuller and deeper effect to the eyelashes. 

      Who is eyelash tinting for? 

      Eyelash tinting can be done on anyone, but is still recommended for people with a light or sparse base of eyelashes . They are also those who are most likely to see the obvious results that the service can bring. 

      Eyelash tinting is also aimed at women and men who want to save time by avoiding the famous makeup process. Indeed, with eyelash tinting, there is no need for mascara to add depth and a sense of volume to the eyelashes. Eyelash tinting can also be an advantage for athletic people because, unlike mascara, the tint does not run when we sweat or come into contact with water. 

      How does an eyelash tinting session take place ? 

      The duration of an eyelash tinting session can vary from one provider to another , but generally, it only takes half an hour to perform the service. To do this, and just like Rehaucils, the professional will place a silicone patch on the eyelid. She will then come and apply the dye to your eyelashes. As for the final result, it should last between 3 and 4 weeks. 

      Semi-permanent mascara: the alternative to everyday makeup 

        Semi-permanent mascara will be perfect for those who want to put aside their makeup bag and display doe eyes every day . This service is painless and allows, in just a few minutes, to obtain the effects of a classic mascara on your eyelashes (without the clumps), with much greater hold . No more need for multiple passes of tinted brushes to add depth to the eyes, semi-permanent mascara will do the job very well. 

        Who is semi-permanent mascara for? 

        This technique is mainly aimed at those who prefer to opt for tranquility. Semi-permanent mascara is also recommended for women with unruly eyelashes with a long, thick base . The reason ? Its result will be so obvious that some may confuse it with a natural eyelash extension . 


        How does a semi-permanent mascara session take place? 

        Once again, the technician will apply an adhesive patch to the eyelid to isolate your eyelashes. All the hairs will need to be worked on to be disciplined. The semi-permanent product will then be applied to your hair to give it depth, length and an unparalleled volume effect. The duration of a session is approximately one hour. 

        Its results are guaranteed for a minimum of three weeks.

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