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Article: How to discipline your eyebrows?

How to discipline your eyebrows?

Are your eyebrow hairs going in all directions? Do you want them to be disciplined to finally display a dream line? Don't panic, there are several simple solutions to quickly tame unruly eyebrows. Through this article, learn how to display a line without any defects.

It's no secret that having a pretty look depends, among other things, on having a beautiful eyebrow shape. Over the years, repetitive hair removal or lack of hydration, hair can become bushy and difficult to tame. L'Atelier du Sourcil has therefore looked for simple solutions for you to discipline your hair using a few quick and essential actions. Because you too have the right to display a line without any defects.

Brush your eyebrows

Just like our hair, our eyebrows also need to be brushed to be disciplined. To do this, you must have a brush specially dedicated to eyebrows. Every day, you will need to brush after finishing your morning routine, or just before putting on makeup. Do not hesitate to always brush your eyebrows upwards to prevent them from curling once the operation is completed.

For those who don't have an eyebrow brush: don't panic. You can simply use a used, previously cleaned toothbrush or mascara applicator. The gesture, for its part, remains unchanged.

Use an eyebrow setting gel

An eyebrow setting gel can also be applied to quickly tame unruly hairs. Used in addition to brushing, the fixing product will allow you to sculpt and fix eyebrows in an ultra-precise manner, all without any material deposit.

Its easy-to-use applicator helps distribute the product evenly. The eyebrow brow up effect is yours, but in a “homemade” version. However, unlike this service offered in our workshops, the rendering only lasts one day.

Scissors to tame eyebrows

Just like hair, eyebrows grow and can become difficult to tame over time. So, to get rid of hairs that are too long, you can simply use eyebrow scissors and trim your eyebrows. First of all, you will need to brush your eyebrows upwards to have better visibility of what needs to be cut. Then pass a delicate scissor over the hairs that protrude. Don't hesitate to take your time to avoid potential damage.

Moisturize eyebrows to prevent them from growing

Some forget it, but eyebrows also need to be regularly hydrated. Because stubborn hairs can be a sign of dehydration, don't hesitate to focus on your brow bone during your morning and/or evening beauty routine. From time to time, you can also opt for castor oil, coconut oil or even jojoba oil to apply while massaging to relax the area as well as the hairs. Little tip: you can also use a cotton swab to apply it and make the product penetrate using light massages.

The soap brow: the new trend

This is one of the most fashionable new techniques for disciplining eyebrows: the soap brow (Editor's note: soap eyebrows in French). This method consists of delicately taking material from a bar of soap using a small eyebrow brush. Then simply apply the product by lightly brushing your hair upwards. Result: shiny, perfectly set eyebrows for the rest of your day.

But be careful, this method should be used as a last resort, if and only if you do not have the products mentioned above. Or even if none of the other solutions have proven effective. The reason ? Soap is not a product created to sit on the skin without being rinsed off. Applied every day, soap brow risks irritating your skin, clogging your pores and also causing your hair to fall out.

Unruly eyebrows: these mistakes to absolutely avoid

If your eyebrows appear unruly, it is important to know what everyday actions could make your situation worse.

Firstly, it is essential to pluck your eyebrows correctly. Hair removal with tweezers must be done in the direction of hair growth. For eyebrow hair removal with hot or cold wax, removal of the strip must be done in the opposite direction of hair regrowth. Otherwise, your eyebrows risk growing crooked and therefore failing your line by completely distorting it.

You now have all the weapons you need to have beautiful eyebrow shape and finally put an end to unruly lines. Up to you !

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