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Article: Why use a mascara base?

Why use a mascara base?

Mascara is an integral part of our makeup routine. It widens the look by highlighting the eyelashes. But before its application, it is important to use a mascara base. Unfortunately, many are still unaware of its existence.

Whether they are short or long, thick or fine, it is important to take regular care of our eyelashes. To do this, we need a mascara base. This product, too little known, is nevertheless essential for enhancing the beauty of the eyes. And you will see, once you have adopted it, it will be difficult for you to do without it.

What is a mascara base used for?

A mascara base is a product that must be applied before putting on mascara . Presented in the form of a brush, it allows you to take care of your eyelashes, strengthen them, and then guarantee a better result after applying mascara . Some bases have the advantage of helping mascara ink adhere to your eyelashes. However, there are several categories of this product, all with different uses. Through this article, discover what translucent bases are used for, those that will be used as treatment, or those that come in serum form.

Translucent mascara bases

The translucent lash primer comes in the form of a thick paste with a texture similar to mascara. Its application, which is done using a bottle brush, is carried out before that of the mascara. In just one pass, it adds length to your eyelashes and gives them a voluminous appearance. However, you must be careful not to be heavy-handed, at the risk of having a result that is the opposite of what was initially desired , i.e.: pastes, irregular thicknesses or even excess product visible even after processing. application of mascara.

Tip: Make sure the product dries completely before applying your mascara. Otherwise, your makeup may mix with your base, and thus you will have gray eyelashes instead of having them black.

The basics of caring for eyelashes

  • In the form of white paste

Unlike the translucent base, the care base does not aim to add length to the eyelashes or to increase their volume. It also has several beneficial active ingredients for the health of eyelashes such as its nourishing effect, allowing them to gain resistance, or that which promotes eyelash growth while fighting against loss. By applying this product, you will have particularly strengthened eyelashes after a few days of use. Just like mascara, its application is done using a brush.

  • In serum form

Eyelash serums are treatments extremely rich in vitamins and proteins. Their application, which can be done both day and night, helps stimulate the growth of your eyelashes, but also limits their loss. But its use is not definitive . In fact, it is recommended to use it, initially, like a traditional mascara, for a period of one month. Serums can be applied both day and night, like that of Revitalash eyelashes.

The mascara base to make yourself

Although most mascara bases have been designed to provide care, shine and vitality to eyelashes, some women cannot do without homemade cosmetics . There is therefore a way to create a mascara base with 100% natural ingredients to beautify the eyes. Among the most fashionable ingredients is Aloe Vera. The gel contained by this plant has extremely beneficial virtues in terms of vitamins and even nutrients.

Aloe Vera base manufacturing step

Natural, quick to create, the Aloe Vera mascara base can quickly become your best ally . To do this, you will need to collect the Aloe Vera gel using a spoon. Then, you must take a previously cleaned bottle brush, and dip it in the Aloe Vera gel before applying the gel to the eyelashes.

For the most long-lasting results, it is advisable to let the 100% natural mascara base rest on your eyelashes for several hours. This will help reduce their fall and also bring shine to your eyes thanks to its nourishing and moisturizing action.

Generally speaking, if you notice that your eyelashes are falling out one by one, that they are struggling to grow back or that they lack thickness, know that you have found the solution : mascara base. Don't hesitate to get one to beautify your eyes and have a result similar to any service such as eyelash enhancement or eyelash extension .

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