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Article: Discover 4 tips for painlessly plucking eyebrows

Discover 4 tips for painlessly plucking eyebrows

For many people, the time to wax their eyebrows is synonymous with ordeal. While each person has their own level of sensitivity, there are some tips to reduce pain.

" You must suffer to be beautiful ". Who has not already heard this famous saying to hope to better endure hair removal sessions? This moment, so feared by women, is often repeated several times a month. So, to make this moment more pleasant, know that there are several ways to reduce pain before, during and after hair removal.

1- Prepare your skin for hair removal

Often, we want the hair removal session to go quickly so that we can quickly move on to something else. But paradoxically, a less painful session requires more time. Indeed, it is very important to prepare your skin before hair removal to prevent the hair removal session from being a real ordeal. To do this, you can use a hot or cold source. Explanations.

It's no secret that the cold tends to anesthetize the skin. So, to reduce the pain during your sessions, you can take an ice cube and pass it over the brow bone for several minutes. This technique will put the nerve endings to sleep and thus considerably reduce pain during hair removal, allowing you to have a beautiful eyebrow shape .

A heat source will also be very effective against pain. You can also organize a hair removal session after taking a very hot bath or shower. The reason ? Heat softens the skin and tends to dilate the pores, which will allow the hair to come out more easily without the need for force. To avoid using extreme measures, you can also bring a washcloth or a cotton pad that you have soaked in hot water and applied to your eyebrows.

2 - Check the condition of your pliers

Many tend to use tweezers until they break, if not, until they become unobtainable. Big mistake. Tweezers become damaged over time and therefore become less effective over time. With faulty equipment, you risk not catching the hairs properly and sometimes pinching your skin and ending up extremely painful. It is therefore essential to change equipment as soon as you feel it is less effective.

3 - Have a good mirror and good light

On the day of your eyebrow waxing session, you will need to check that all the items in your possession are ready to be used. To prevent the hair removal session from being a real torture session, you will need to check that your mirror is clean, but also magnifying. The latter allows you to see the hairs more clearly and thus avoid repeating painful procedures several times and making the skin more sensitive.


4 - Soothe your skin after the hair removal session

Many people finish the hair removal session and go about their business without even having taken care of the skin after this unpleasant moment. But most still feel strong sensitivity after the session. The less lucky ones feel it for several days. It is therefore important to massage the skin with a moisturizing cream just after this unpleasant episode. This cream will not only soothe pain, but also reduce swelling and redness due to hair removal. Applied daily, the moisturizer will prevent ingrown hairs and make the next hair removal session much more effective.

If, however, you doubt the composition of your cream and its effectiveness, you can simply grab an Aloe Vera leaf and apply its gel directly to the affected area. The latter has soothing and moisturizing properties, perfect for taking care of the skin after hair removal, but also to guarantee its maintenance before the next session. It will prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs, but also pimples that may form when the hair grows back.

Bonus: exfoliate the skin before and after hair removal

Often recommended, skin exfoliation proves to be an effective weapon against the pain of hair removal. Carried out before hair removal, it helps remove dead skin that can prevent hair removal. You will therefore not have to repeat the procedure several times to obtain the most satisfactory result. The hair will only be extracted from its bulb more easily.

Exfoliating the skin prevents the formation of pimples due to ingrown hairs. Thanks to this gesture, officially say goodbye to damaged skin after multiple sessions, and hello to smooth skin, without pimples and with less redness.

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