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Article: 5 trendy eyebrow products to adopt without further delay

5 trendy eyebrow products to adopt without further delay

Today, the eyebrow is widely integrated into our beauty routine. In a salon or at home, there are many ways to take care of your eyes and eyebrows . And as with makeup or fashion, trends evolve very quickly... Discover without further delay the 5 essential products of the moment, for impeccable eyebrows!

The fixing gel , for thick and perfect eyebrows!

The current trend is especially for thick and full eyebrows , yes, but also brushed and disciplined. Out of the question, therefore, to leave them neglected and in the bush! One of the must-haves for always impeccable, brushed and disciplined eyebrows is obviously the fixing gel.
Now an essential element of a daily beauty routine , it will first of all set your eyebrows for the day and thus make them more resistant to wind and bad weather... And at this time of year, that's quite a good thing !

Another significant advantage, the fixing gel is available in transparent or colored version. It can therefore be a good alternative if your eyebrows are sparse, giving the illusion of a thicker and fuller eyebrow. Not bad is not it ? 


The eyebrow pencil , to enhance the look

How to properly draw and intensify your eyebrows? An essential product to have in your beauty kit, the eyebrow pencil will be your best ally to assert your look and enhance it. Available in different colors , it adapts perfectly to all skin and eyebrow colors and guarantees you a result worthy of a pro! L'Atelier du Sourcil offers you the Sublimabrow eyebrow pencil (also available in a beveled version): thanks to its two tips, it allows you to restructure your eyebrows but also to blend the color using a small brush, for a natural result and effective!
It's the essential and trendy accessory to always have with you for express makeup or small touch-ups.


The microblading pen , ideal for sparse eyebrows

Too long abused, damaged or, quite simply, naturally thin, some eyebrows become discreet... sometimes even a little too much!
Yes, for some time now, thick and clearly visible eyebrows have been fashionable. But then, what to do when you have thin and sparse eyebrows , which you can barely distinguish? The Browline microblading pen is THE miracle solution. Available in natural shades, it will allow you to thicken your eyebrows in the blink of an eye.

Inspired by the microblading technique, it has an applicator tip in the form of a “micro-fork” which will allow you to easily redraw eyebrow hairs with precision and finesse. Thanks to its long-lasting hold and quick drying, it allows you to regain naturally densified eyebrows !


Revitalizing eyebrow treatment , your best ally to face winter

It's well known that you need to take particular care of yourself and your skin, especially when the cold sets in. During this period, the skin is dry and the eyebrows may also show some signs of weakness. Between waxing too close together, daily products and various attacks (pollution, cold, heat, perspiration, etc.), our eyebrows can lose their shine and vitality. Duller color, difficult and slowed regrowth, alopecia... The revitalizing treatment , thanks to its exclusive and enriched formula, hydrates and nourishes the eyebrows . Used regularly, it will restore all their shine and vitality, while fighting against breakage and hair loss. Essential for a perfect look all year round!


(Dis)coloring, the trend of the moment!

It's THE trend this year!
Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus... Many celebrities have not hesitated to play with the color of their eyebrows in recent months. Indeed, in 2021, the trend is towards fading but also flashy colors . Yes, yes, blue or fuchsia pink eyebrows are possible! Just like with hair, simply bleach and/or color your eyebrows, and that's it!

For those who prefer sobriety, more natural colors exist in order, for example, to match your hair color if it is dyed, for a more natural and less unsightly effect!
While there are kits to do this yourself, you can also go to one of our institutes to have your eyebrows tinted by experts.

Finally, to highlight your eyes and enhance your eyebrows , you can totally opt for a combo and combine these different products. Used regularly and sparingly in your makeup routine , they ensure absolutely perfect makeup!

However, we remember to remove makeup every day and take care of our skin through care and good habits and we avoid these 6 bad habits that destroy your eyelashes !

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