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Article: Brow lift, what you need to know about the trend that is making noise

Brow lift, what you need to know about the trend that is making noise

In this new year, eyebrows promise to gain height! After microblading and microshading, here comes the era of the brow lift. This innovative technique ensures volume, definition and naturalness for an absolutely perfect line.  

We tend to make them see all the colors! However, in recent years, eyebrows have become one of the main problems of beautystas. And for good reason, they have the power to harmonize the face and define the look. From now on, they no longer take second place. On the contrary, we pamper them as much as possible in order to display an impeccable figure.  

No more thin eyebrows, we now love volume. However, not everyone displays a perfectly full arch. Several techniques have been developed for those who dream of displaying a thick and uniform line.  

An innovative new technique straight from Russia promises to revolutionize your beauty routine. This is brow lamination or brow lift which can be translated as “ lamination” or simply “brow lamination ”. If the name doesn't mean anything to you, you've probably seen your Instagram feed invaded by images of well-defined, smoothed and shiny eyebrows. This is the stunning result of the brow lift, which we call BrowUp at L'Atelier du Sourcil! With its natural appearance, this method is about to conquer the world of beauty.  

The brow lift, what is it?  

Do you remember the famous feather eyebrow that created a buzz on the Web? The brow lift is inspired by it but remains a much more sober version of this ultra sophisticated trend.  

This new technique is a significantly less invasive method than microblading . In fact, it is not permanent makeup but a technique to reveal the full potential of eyebrows. The process is often compared to a perm but for eyebrows. During the session, the hairs are straightened, brushed and lifted into the desired shape. They are then fixed using a special lotion.  

With its results that are both graphic and disciplined, this painless alternative to microblading continues to appeal to beautyistas and beauty professionals. For the moment, the method is very little known in France but could quickly conquer France. It is already spreading across Europe where many models have succumbed to the trend, which is also starting to spread across the Atlantic.  

How's it going ?  

A brow lift session lasts between 30 minutes and an hour. It depends on the type of eyebrows of the client and the desired result.  

The first step is to apply a relaxer to the eyebrows. They will then be smoothed to become lighter and easier to tame. The professional then uses a neutralizer to restructure and texturize the hairs.  

During each stage, the eyebrows are covered with plastic, hence the term “ lamination ”. Break time varies from 5 to approximately 15 minutes. For those who want to darken their eyebrows, you will have to go through the tinting box. Finally, it is possible that tweezers will intervene for an absolutely perfect result.  

What results?  

While you might expect a "cardboard" effect from the setting lotion, it has nothing to do with hairspray. The technique actually softens the eyebrows. On the contrary, they will be much softer. They will appear uniform, perfectly sculpted and more voluminous.  

Be careful though, there are some instructions to follow for optimal results! In fact, it is recommended not to wet your eyebrows for at least 24 hours. It is therefore advisable to remember to wash your hair before using the brow lift and to forget about the gym to avoid sweating. Too aggressive makeup removal should also be avoided on the first day. You will need to take great care of your eyebrows with a drop of moisturizing oil twice a day to prevent them from drying out. By following all of this advice to the letter, the effects will then be visible for up to 8 weeks.  

After a brow lift session , the eyebrows do not require any maintenance. The bristles maintain their brushed appearance from getting up to going to bed. So you can do without a pencil or fixing gel. This will be a real time saver, especially on busy mornings.  

This technique will suit those who dream of thickening their eyebrows but also of covering small spaces, small holes and obtaining a natural, light look. The eyebrows are not fixed and remain malleable. It is therefore possible to comb them upwards or to the side depending on the desired look.  

The hairs will return to normal between 6 and 10 weeks depending on their texture. It is important to wait two months before repeating the experience. The hair growth cycle must be respected so as not to damage the eyebrows and maintain a defined look.  

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