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Article: Eyebrow trends through the ages

Eyebrow trends through the ages

Each era has its own trend. Like haircuts or even clothing styles, eyebrows also follow the fashion of the moment. We all remember the trend for thin, arched eyebrows in the early 2000s followed, a decade later, by that of thick, defined eyebrows. Discover or rediscover, below, the different eyebrow styles through the ages.

It's no secret that a perfectly structured eyebrow line can magnify and enhance the look. If today, the fashion is for thick eyebrows, it was not always this way. The trend has also been to have shaved and very fine shapes...

What if we took a little step back in time to decipher eyebrow fashion through the years?

1920s: Black and very thin eyebrows

The success of silent cinema had a lot of influence on the fashion for ultra-thin eyebrows in the 1920s. At the time, they were drawn with a single line marked with black colored pencil. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, this fashion apparently allowed actors to transmit emotions more easily in silent films.

1930s: The open gaze

The fashion for thin eyebrows continued during the 1930s. But this time, women preferred to shave their eyebrows completely to mark them with a brown line located higher than the natural line. The goal was always to better convey emotions, but also to widen the gaze. The stars of the time, Greta Garbo, Édith Piaf and Marlene Dietrich displayed this very well, and also had a lot of influence on fashion.

1940s: The return to nature

The 1940s marked a change in trend. The ultra-fine lines drawn entirely with eyebrow pencil gradually give way to the return of a thick and full eyebrow line. Elizabeth Taylor is also THE model for all fashion enthusiasts of the time.

1950s: Goodbye to thin eyebrows

The 1950s marked the temporary end of thin eyebrows. Full, slightly rounded lines are gaining ground. It was Audrey Hepburn who perfectly illustrated this movement.

1960s: Several styles resurface

A little trip down memory lane? If penciled eyebrows were forgotten for a while, they made a significant comeback in the 1960s. As before, some women preferred to shave them to redraw them using a pencil. However, models continue to appear with a natural line like Marilyn Monroe who remains THE reference model of the time.

1970s: The baba cool trend influences fashion

The natural is still as successful and nature then takes back its rights during this era. In 1970, the simple and trendy style of cool babas was almost unanimous. Women therefore prefer to let their eyebrows grow, and do very little hair removal.

1980s: Thickness still in vogue

The 1980s represented a revival in the way you wore your eyebrows. A majority of women of the time refer to Brooke Shields who wore them thick, brushed and worked. New accessories then arrive on the market to highlight them and which are very successful. Hello then to eyebrow gels and brushes allowing you to discipline them and give them volume. The singer Madonna becomes the reference par excellence.

1990s: We go back in time

And since fashion is always starting over, we moved from everything to everything in the 1990s. At the time, thick eyebrows seemed to have had their day. And here is the big return of fine, rounded and shaved shapes, like Kate Moss or Drew Barrymore. A period during which some choose to accessorize their eyes with a piercing located at the eyebrow arch... Some of them will regret it later.

2000s: Naturalness regains ground

At the beginning of the 2000s, thin eyebrows continued to be successful among a sector of the population. But, naturalness is gradually regaining ground. This allows thick, bushy eyebrows to take center stage again. So, those who gave in to the fashion for thin eyebrows often regret it. Indeed, excessive hair removal, sometimes preventing hair regrowth, forces them to resort to alternative solutions to densify their look.

2010s: The success of permanent makeup

Although permanent makeup has been around for many years, it has enjoyed real success during this period in part thanks to the fashion for thin eyebrows of previous decades. Indeed, for people with bald and shapeless eyebrows, this eyebrow dermopigmentation technique quickly becomes essential. Hello to drawn lines like those of Jennifer Lopez or Britney Spears.

2020: When nature takes back its rights

Natural eyebrows have never been as successful as in the 2020s. No need to trim them anymore, all you need is a light tweezing and a discreet densification with eyebrow makeup to display an intense look. To top it all off, the Brow up service is very popular. This technique created to permanently restructure eyebrows and gain thickness has become a must for this generation. Thank you Cara Delevingne!

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