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Article: How to recognize a good eyelash extension technician?

How to recognize a good eyelash extension technician?

When summer is in full swing, many of us give in to the temptation of eyelash extensions. The main advantage? A considerable saving of time every morning in the bathroom. But the job still has to be done well. It is therefore essential to choose your technician carefully, otherwise you will have major regrets.

If there is one part of the face that is very important, it is that of the eyes. Mascara is also one of the most used makeup products by women . But in summer, it can be difficult to wear them. Heat can sometimes prevent mascara from lasting all day. Most of us therefore opt for eyelash extensions . Performed by an aesthetic professional, this service allows you to look wider for several weeks without even having to wear makeup. But this service can cause considerable damage if certain steps are not followed . Although sometimes some people are convinced by an unbeatable service price, it is essential to take note of the useful rules to recognize a good eyelash technician.

Check if the technician has been trained

First of all, it is very important to know in which school your technician was trained. The latter must have a certified training certificate , and be able to explain each step of the service to you. Do not hesitate to ask her any questions that come to mind regarding the service, she must know how to answer them confidently and reassure you as best she can before starting her work.

Check reviews on social media

It's no secret that reviews are very important when selecting a quality product or service . So, before even making an appointment and placing your trust in a technician specializing in eyelash extension installation , you will need to check her reputation on the internet, whether through review sites or comments on networks. social. In these times, there are few providers who do not have reviews on the Web.

Analyze photos of your work

There are several application techniques: Russian volume eyelash extension , mixed application or even lash to lash (among others). Unfortunately, not all beauticians are trained in all of these methods. You will therefore need to check that the services offered meet your needs. For this, it is almost essential to analyze the photos published on the internet, whether they appear on the professional's website or on the social networks. If she doesn't have one online, don't hesitate to ask her.

Take into account the cleanliness of the premises

This is one of the elements to take into account with all service providers, regardless of their sector of activity. In fact, it is essential to check the cleanliness of the premises before even lying down in your technician's chair. The equipment must also be carefully observed, because dirty equipment means risk of infection. The beautician must also wear a mask, as well as gloves, which have become essential in these times of the Covid-19 health crisis.

Analysis of your gaze

Just before your service, the professional must listen to your eyelash extension needs. Whether you want a sophisticated or even natural result , the latter must analyze your look and offer you an application style based on the morphology of your face, the shape of your eyes and above all, the condition of your natural eyelashes in order to not to risk damaging them.

Tips on caring for your eyelash extensions

Once installation is complete, your technician must give you all the information necessary to maintain your extensions. These tips will allow you to maintain them as best as possible and keep them as long as possible, without having to damage your natural eyelashes. She will also explain the life cycles of your eyelashes, so as to reassure you if you see a few extensions falling out after a few days.

Although the application of eyelash extensions may seem trivial to some, it is in reality a very technical profession , which requires a lot of precision and a keen eye for detail. You will have understood, although the result is very nice in the majority of cases, the service requires calling on a professional who is involved, clean but also very patient. You should know that extensions must be relaxing, painless and without any risk . If an unpleasant sensation arises during installation, stop the service immediately, otherwise you will go home with considerable damage.

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