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Article: Makeup trends for winter 2021-2022

Makeup trends for winter 2021-2022

Summer is far behind us, it's true, we miss the heat, the colors of summer too... Hearts up, there's no question of letting yourself be carried away by the gloom of days with little sunshine and saturated with grayness! What could be more effective in brightening up these short winter days than taking care of yourself? Yes, winter is also the time to get a makeover! Discover without further delay this winter's make-up trends , to stay beautiful and at the forefront of fashion.


Make up trends for winter 2021-2022 to highlight your eyes

This winter 2021-2022 will allow you, without a doubt, to highlight your pretty eyes thanks to different very trendy colors... Silver tones, bluish tones or even pink tones delicately applied around your eyes will bring this colorful touch which will perfect your appearance and highlight your eyes.

  • Blue tones : Imagine what a pretty blue (cyan, turquoise, azure, etc.) on your eyelids will add to your already intense look. With blue, we are obviously careful not to adorn ourselves with bright red or other colors that do not blend effectively with it so as not to alter the quality of your work!
  • Silver tones : In the same way, your eyelids adorned with silver (sparingly at the corners of your eyes, or more marked...) will make you think of the work, which we can observe on the catwalks, of professional makeup artists. It's also an opportunity to wear holiday colors and adopt a more festive look!
  • Dark and black tones : Timeless, black remains a safe bet and as effective as it is chic to add a little more intensity to your look! Under eyeliner, black smoky eyes... there are many options that will allow you to intensify your look while being at the forefront of fashion for this winter 2021-2022!

 The other trend that is skyrocketing this winter is double liner . As its name suggests, this consists of emphasizing the look by combining the eyeliner line that we usually make above the eye with a line under the eye, at the level of the eyelid. Guaranteed effect!

 In the same spirit, under-eyeliner stands out at the end of the year. Inspired by the punk movement, this trend consists of applying eyeliner not to the upper eyelid, but to the lower eyelid , just below the eye in order to intensify the look.

 When it comes to eyebrows, the trend is still for thick, well-structured eyebrows . In a natural way, thanks to products and accessories, or thanks to microshading techniques, it is today very simple to redraw, structure and have a beautiful shape of eyebrows to offer more intensity to your look. We therefore opt for well-defined and thick eyebrows, but carefully drawn and styled !


Winter 2021-2022 makeup trends for your lips

 This season, nude shades are in the spotlight but you can also dress your lips in more intense colors in a glossy style, ideal for the end of year celebrations!

This winter 2021-2022 sees the appearance of different tones ranging from intense red to beige and pink tones . Pink or old matte pink also easily finds its place in this waltz of colors. Don't hesitate to match the makeup applied to your lips to that adorning your eyes. Indeed, the idea is not to be trendy at the expense of good taste! What's better than careful and harmonious makeup to enhance your beauty?


Winter 2021-2022 makeup trends for your foundation

This fall winter 2021-2022 will not rhyme with extremely worked, sophisticated and ultra complex foundation. No, don't worry, applying foundation to your face won't take you hours! This year, foundation follows a single rule and trend: na-tu-rel ! You can even consider putting away foundations, bronzers and other blushes and try colored creams. Relatively simple to apply, moisturizing, pleasant to wear and apply, they can be that little extra, the secret asset that you pull out of your sleeve to perfect your style and attract all eyes!

If, however, you are attached to your foundation or similar product, keep in mind that nude is THE style to remember and use to accompany the rest of your makeup. We opt instead for a light application in order to keep this natural effect so appreciated this winter.


You will have understood, this year, we are keeping a natural complexion and we are mainly focusing on eyebrow and eye makeup in order to intensify and enhance our eyes . For the eyes, cool tones should still be preferred, while you can dare to wear red and more intense colors on the lips.


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