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Article: Tweezers, thread, wax, what are the differences and how to pluck your eyebrows?

Tweezers, thread, wax, what are the differences and how to pluck your eyebrows?


Hair removal with wax, thread or tweezers? The choice is not so easy!

Which method would suit you best? How to take care of your eyebrows and highlight your eyes? A brief overview of the main eyebrow hair removal techniques .


Plucking your eyebrows: choosing the right method


Redesigned, made up, waxed… Today, eyebrows are completely integrated into our make-up routines. And for good reason, neat and nicely shaped eyebrows help to emphasize and enhance the eyes !

 Whether at home or in a salon, there are several methods for plucking your eyebrows.

If, obviously, the razor should be banned, we can hesitate between tweezers, wax and thread . Each of these techniques has its advantages and disadvantages. What are the differences and how to choose? We help you see things more clearly and find the method that suits you best!


Hair removal with tweezers

 This is undoubtedly the most widespread method.

It is practiced in many institutes and has the advantage of being able to be carried out by oneself, at home.


What is it about ?

 We will, quite simply, grab each hair with the tweezers, and pull in the direction of the hair in order to pull it out. It is a long and tedious job, but relatively painless. Certain accessories, such as light-up tweezers , can help you illuminate the area and easily catch hairs.



 Once the shape of your eyebrow is well defined, tweezing is not complicated. Regrowth hairs can very easily be removed in a few minutes , without the need to go to a salon. So you can easily pluck your eyebrows yourself.

In addition, it is a relatively painless method. The most sensitive can pull their skin to limit the pain, or rub an ice cube on their eyebrows before using the tweezers.


The inconvenients

 Hair removal with tweezers, if not done correctly, tends to break the hair , without actually tearing out the bulb.
Result ? The hairs grow back after a few days and require you to take out the tweezers for a few adjustments.



 Waxing is more often carried out in salons, at least the first few times. Subsequently, when the shape of your eyebrows is well defined, you will be able to carry out the maintenance with wax yourself. This method, which is quick and can be very effective, is not suitable for everyone.


What is it about ?

 Just as you can do for other parts of the body, hot or cold wax is applied to the area to be waxed. Leave it on for a few minutes, then remove the wax strip with a quick and confident movement, in the opposite direction of the hair in order to pull out the hair .



 Wax allows relatively quick hair removal since it removes several hairs at once. The down hairs, impossible to catch with tweezers, are also removed, for a perfectly clean result. In addition, this technique actually pulls out the hair, removing the bulb. Regrowth is longer and you can enjoy your peace of mind for several weeks!


The inconvenients

 Waxing is a little more painful than others. It is therefore a little less suitable for the more cozy ones. In addition, you must be careful not to use a wax that is too hot , which could burn your eyebrows. It is also recommended to test the wax on a small piece of skin before proceeding with hair removal in order to avoid any allergic reactions , for example. This method can be a little aggressive for the skin, it is imperative to apply a soothing treatment afterwards and to space out the sessions so as not to damage the eyelids.


Threading hair removal

 Less known, this method consists of pulling out the hair using threads . Requiring a certain mastery and dexterity , this method of plucking eyebrows is mainly used in institutes to draw eyebrows and maintain them.


What is it about ?

We use cotton thread to trap the hairs. Using a movement of the hand, twist the threads until the hair is completely removed . It's meticulous work, but it's becoming more and more attractive.



 Threading hair removal is very effective and precise . It allows the hair bulb to be pulled out and thus delays regrowth. This method, more natural and ecological , is beneficial for your skin but also for the environment!


The inconvenients

 Less common and requiring perfect mastery, this type of hair removal is more complicated to do yourself . It is better to contact a specialized institute.
Although this method is only slightly painful, it may happen that the threads pinch the skin a little and this causes a slight feeling of discomfort .

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